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These Are the Best Bidet Reviews You Can Find!

Top reviews and a guide to the best bidet for you

Clean and hygienic, that’s what we want.

We wash ourselves to get properly clean. Premium toilet paper might be nice and comfortable, but it can leave you with some streaks that can be extremely embarrassing! One of the easiest ways to eliminate this issue for good is to use a bidet. That means you’ll want to take a look at the best bidet reviews today!

Here Is the Best Chart To Help You Find Your Bidet

The best bidet must be able to give you a good, thorough clean without compromising the hygienic nature of the bathroom fixture. That’s why it is important to use the chart below to see what bidet options would work best in your home.

Luxe Bidet Fresh Water Spray Attachment$
Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Attachment$
Brondell Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet$$$$$+
TOTO B100 Washlet$$$$$+
Luxe Bidet Neo 120$
Brondell Swash 900 Advanced Bidet$$$$$+
Bio Bidet Premium Dual Temperature$$$
Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet$4.4
Brondell CleanSpa Luxury Hand Held Bidet$$4.2
Joy Handheld Bidet$4.6

What Makes For a Good Bidet?

As you’ll see in our comprehensive reviews, the best bidets have a few features in common. It begins with automatic cleaning functions that will provide you with a sanitary experience with every use. You’ll also want to have warm water options that will give you a comfortable cleaning experience. Some bidets offer oscillating water streams, which means you’ll get a good clean from front to back. Find one with a warm air dryer so you can completely eliminate paper usage and you’ll have made a great investment!

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Bidet?

The primary benefit that you’ll find in these bidet reviews is that you’ll be able to be cleaner and healthier for an incredibly affordable price. The traditional bidet is a separate fixture from the toilet, but that doesn’t have to be the case today with modern technology. You can get one of the best bidet toilet seats that will help you have a more comfortable experience in the bathroom and the toilet seats can even be warmed!

If you’re on a budget, there are easy to install portable bidets that can provide you with a higher level of clean than you’ll get from paper alone. These install between the rim of the toilet and your toilet seat on most makes and models and are controlled with a dial control on the right. You simply select the pressure you want and then get the stream that you need to be clean every single time!

There’s also the fact that you can create cleaner clothes, even if its just the youngsters that are having the streaks in their undergarments. Here’s the blunt reality: brown streaks in clothes mean dirty water that will get agitated throughout your fabrics. Is that something you really want to wear out in pubic?

Do Bidets Have Any Problems?

The main issue you’ll face with a bidet today is with the affordable portable ones. They work on your home’s water pressure, which means low pressure homes might have some surprises in store. If you turn up the pressure too high, you might even find that the spray can sting quite a lot! The heaters can sometimes malfunction as well, creating a very hot stream of water that can burn you in a highly sensitive spot!

How Do You Find the Best Bidet?

Finding the best bidet begins with determining what your needs happen to be. Do you need something that is affordable and portable? Or do you want something that will provide you with an elegant experience from the convenience of your toilet seat? Both versions can help to get you clean, but the more expensive toilet seat bidets tend to provide a consistent result that’s more complete.

There’s also the aim of the water stream to consider. Some bidets are aimed more toward the back, while others are aimed toward the front more. If you want the best experience, however, you’re going to want to find a bidet that will give you an oscillating stream so that you can have both the front and the back covered comfortably!

The best bidet toilet seat or portable fixture will also be incredibly easy to install. For some, it’s just a matter of unscrewing your current toilet seat and replacing it with the toilet seat bidet. Others may find the process more difficult because the curvature of the bowl inhibits the installation of the bidet. Some powered bidets also require an outlet because they are run with corded power. If you don’t have a nearby outlet for your toilet, this could make installing your new bidet a difficult proposition!

What Are the Basics of Installing a Bidet?

Most bidets today that work with an existing toilet are incredibly easy to install. The affordable portable options will install using the hard plastic screws of your existing toilet seat. Just pull them out, place the bidet along the installation point, and then replace the toilet seat. The water line runs through a basic T-connector that you can also quickly install and you’ll have a new bidet in 15 minutes or so. Best of all, you’ll just need a standard screwdriver in most instances to make this happen.

The toilet seat bidets tend to install in the same way, but have the additional cording that must be handled in a safe manner. If you need to plug-in your bidet toilet seat, then make sure you’re using a GFCI outlet so that if it gets wet, the outlet will trip the circuit and you won’t get an interesting, uncomfortable shock in a very sensitive area!

You’ll also find that the automatic bidets tends to need a little help to get the process started the first couple times you run the bidet. Gently pull out the nozzle, turn on the bidet, and then retract the nozzle manually if necessary. Repeat until it works on its own. You might want to do this before you actually need to use the bidet as well!

What Are the Prices of the Best Bidets Today?

You can get the portable bidets that install on virtually any toilet for less than $30 right now on Amazon. It will provide you with basic features, but you’ll get the better clean that you desire with a very small investment. On the other end of the spectrum, you can pay upwards of $600 for a toilet seat bidet that is loaded with features, including remote controls. The portable bidets run an average price of around $100 and the toilet seat bidets generally run about $250 across all makes and models.

What Do Our Reviews Have To Say?

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Attachment

The best feature about this particular bidet is that the spray nozzle of the bidet retracts when the device is turned to the off position. This creates a higher level of sanitation because there is less risk of the nozzle interacting with the waste in the toilet. It does this automatically, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to get it out of the way.

You also can’t go wrong with the 1 year warranty that is provided by the manufacturer. The bidet is made from a high quality plasic, won’t rust, is easy to clean when necessary, and won’t leak when it is properly installed. All in all, this is a product that provides each user with an outstanding value!

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Brondell Swash Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat

The primary feature we really loved with this particular toilet seat bidet option was that it contains a warm air dryer and a deodorizer setting in addition to the typical spray features. This allows you to go completely paper free from a bathroom perspective, cutting down on the irritation that even good toilet paper can cause at times.

The seat itself is also heated, giving you a comfortable experience every time you need to go! Made from a high grade stainless steel and providing a filtered stream, the seat itself warms up the water with a ceramic core heater so that you won’t get hit with some scalding water.

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Luxe Bidet Neo 120

This portable bidet is perfect for those who wish to get a lot without spending a lot. Although some users may find the installation difficult if there is limited room alongside their toilet as the control dials stick out from the side, this is an electric free bidet option that won’t have you running cords away from your toilet.

The valves are metal or ceramic to improve your long-term experience and the pressure control knobs have a solid chrome plating on them.

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TOTO B100 Washlet

When looking at this particular washlet, we couldn’t help but noticed how easy it is to control the volume of water you receive and the temperature the water is at.

It’s a push button system that will work for a majority of users, although some with advanced arthritis may find it a bit difficult to control at times. It’s even simple enough that the kids can use the washlet functions too without much of an issue at all!

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Luxe Bidet Fresh Water Spray Attachment

Although toilet paper has long been the standard for hygienic cleanliness, the simple fact is that cleanliness isn’t always achieved. It’s easy to miss waste debris and that causes a clothing problem – and a potential odor problem – later on in the day.

With the Luxe Bidet, you have a small investment that you can install in just minutes and it works with any standard two piece toilet bowl. It fits under the lid, gives you a quick spray, and you’ve got a hygienic solution that won’t cause you irritation or pain.

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If you’ve never experienced the benefits of a bidet before, then today should be the day you do. Use our comprehensive reviews to find the best bidet that works with your needs and you’ll

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