“Going” All Around the World

If you’re planning a vacation or holiday right now, then stop for a minute. Think about what you will encounter at your destination when you need to use the toilet. Will you be comfortable with what you find?

There are some countries in this world that have better toilets than others. It isn’t a criticism. That’s just a fact of life. You might find a lot of interesting experiences when you travel through India, but you may struggle to find a public toilet that is clean.

These countries are those that have the best restrooms right now.

1. Japan
There is no way for any other country to top this list. Japan is a leading tech innovator in toilet technologies. Their facilities are often spotless, there are restrooms available almost everywhere, and everything is tidy. You will remember the first time that you try to use a Japanese toilet.

2. Britain
What is wonderful about traveling to the United Kingdom is the fact that almost every place you go will offer a free public toilet of some type. Most of them are small, but they are also very clean. It is not unusual to see a little bit of swagger included with the fixtures and toilets in these spots too.

3. Switzerland
There’s a reason why you can guarantee a clean toilet when you travel to this country. You need to pay to use the facilities! Although that fact can put you in a bind at times if you’re really anxious to go, the investment is one that makes it worthwhile to travel here. You won’t need to worry about covering the toilet seat with paper any\more!

4. Scandinavia
All of the Scandinavian countries offer consistent public access to clean and organized toilets and bathroom facilities. Some are free, but others are not, so proceed with caution at times. The flushes always seem to be perfect, even if the rooms are a little simplistic. You will never be forced to hunt down an extra roll of toilet paper somewhere.

5. Germany
If you want to have a five-star toilet experience, then you will find it quite often when visiting this country. You’ll need to bring some coins along since it’s another pay-to-go experience. The facilities are immaculately clean and smell fresh too. It’s a great place to hang out after you’ve had one too many beers, perhaps? Otherwise just go all in, any German beer garden will have toilets close at hand.

6. United States
You will get the basics right when you visit a public bathroom in the United States. Cleanliness often depends on where you happen to be, so if you’re unsure, make your way over to the closest McDonald’s. They often have the cleanest facilities in town. The toilet paper might be thin, and the room might be smelly, but there’s an excellent chance you will have access to a toilet wherever you go.

There are plenty of countries that offer decent toilets, but these are the travel destinations that offer the best ones on a consistent basis. Have some fun with this experience as you see the world to discover how other cultures embrace the idea of using the toilet.

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