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Kohler® Toilet Reviews – The Best of Memoirs, Highline & Tresham

Kohler toilets offer you a classic design at an affordable price. This brand enhances their timeless manufacturing processes with modern technology and features to revolutionize this industry. You will also find that many of the highest-rated models are priced competitively.

There are one-piece, two-piece, and touchless flush models currently available through the Kohler brand. With that much variety available, you can find the perfect fixture for your home today without worrying about your budget.

Find the Best Kohler Toilet Right Now!

If you are ready to find the best toilet for your home right now, then Kohler has several models for you to consider. There are high-efficiency designs available, classic styles, and modern appeal through the brand’s series to help you find a fixture that will exceed your expectations when installing it in your bathroom.

Best Seller

Best Value

Kohler Memoirs Highline Comfort Height

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Our Rating: 4.0 Our Rating: 4.9
Market Popularity: High Market Popularity: Low

Best Quality

Most Unique

Highline Classic Kohler Tresham

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Our Rating: 4.2 Our Rating: 4.2
Market Popularity: Medium Market Popularity: Low


The Memoirs


  • Class 5 Performance
  • Comfort Height
  • Solid Manufacturing


  • Missing Seat

The Kohler Memoirs provides you with a series of advantages that will make your bathroom one of the most valuable places in your home. You cannot beat the combination of the form and functionality with this specific model. It will provide you with the long-term results you want at a price that your local contractors might not even be able to beat.

You will want to measure your space carefully if your bathroom is on the small side before selecting this model. It does tend to sit away from the wall a little bit, this takes up extra space and causes the flushing actions to be louder than what you would experience with other models.

The Kohler Memoirs does work hard to ensure that there aren’t any stuck particles there after you flush, which is why we think it is a best-selling favorite. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Kohler Memoirs.

Best Value

Highline Comfort


  • 3-Bolt Install
  • Canister Flush
  • 10-inch rough-in


  • Splashing

The Kohler Highline Comfort offers your bathroom an opportunity to have a toilet which feature is the same height profile as a standard chair. That makes it much easier for anyone at any age to sit down or stand up with less difficulty. The supply lines are not included with this model, but it is one of the few that offers a 10-inch rough-in as part of the standard design.

It features a Class Five® bulk waste flushing performance that will ensure your bowl and bathroom remain clean after use. This model also has the best-in-class cleanliness to ensure a positive experience.

The design does have a three-bolt installation instead of the standard four to save time on the process, but this issue could be problematic if you are replacing an older model with a larger design. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Kohler Highline.

Best Quality

Highline Classic


  • Pressure Assist
  • Compact Design
  • Reliable


  • Noise

The Kohler Highline Classic provides you with a comfortable experience and the simplicity of a two-piece design for easy installation. It features a pressure-assist flushing system that illuminates particles quickly from the bowl. You can choose from a round or an elongated design based on what your comfort preferences happen to be. There are also Comfort Height models to consider as well.

Shop carefully with this model considering the number of color options which are available. If you prefer an ivory color, you could pay $100 more for the privilege than if you select an eggshell white or black model instead. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Highline Classic.

Most Unique

The Tresham


  • Small Install
  • Extra Height
  • Design Elements


  • Missing Seat

The Kohler Tresham might just be one of the most beautiful style designs that you will see from a modern manufacturer. This two-piece design creates added comfort and elegance to any bathroom. It also features the Comfort Height design that makes it easier to physically use the product at any age. Only the bowl and tank comes in the box with some models, so make sure to double-check if the supply line comes with your purchase.

You will immediately see a benefit with the neo-traditional design. It is conveniently configurable to meet the needs of your space. It offers a 3.25-inch canister flush valve to deliver water rapidly into the bowl with a high degree of consistency, delivering an excellent flush.

Whether you prefer a space that is seriously playful or whimsically disorganized, you will discover that this unit will take your bathroom design and decor to the next level. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Kohler Tresham.

Why Choose a Kohler for Your Home?

Kohler is one of the few brands that provides several different configurations to choose from when shopping for an upgrade or a new installation. These fixtures have some of the best features that you can find on the market today. That includes the popular dual-flush mode that allows your family to control how much water goes through your plumbing system with every flush.

They offer ADA-compliant models with a taller seat, options that provide the water-efficiency rating that your local community requires. There are also models that can install directly on your wall to save an extraordinary amount of space.

There’s a reason why Kohler suggests that their designs fit your style. It is more than a marketing phrase. You will discover that it is a promise that your new toilet will help you to turn your bathroom into the perfect place to rest and escape.

History of the Brand

The Kohler Company was founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler. The company became famous for its plumbing products, but they also manufacture cabinetry, furniture, engines, and generators.

It is one of the few manufacturing companies in the United States that has remained a family-owned business for more than a century. They also recently made headlines because they opted to become the first sleeve sponsor on the jersey of Manchester United in the English Premier League.

The Kohler family were giants in Wisconsin for more than just their manufacturing prowess. Two generations have been elected to serve as governor of the state. It is a company which has chosen to remain private, which means there are very few shares available – and those that do become an option are priced significantly high.

One of the most unique innovations that the company has released in recent years, in addition to its updated toilet designs, is their walk-in bath division. They create several bathing products for people who have limited mobility, but who still want to have independence in their own home. The brand has also introduced a product called Kohler Konnect which provides smart connections to plumbing fixtures that include voice assistant control and Wi-Fi capabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Kohler?

How many times do you go through your morning routine without giving a second thought to what you are doing?

Many families are rethinking how they treat their bathroom space because it has become a utilitarian design. The goal has been to make the most efficient use of the small space available. That has led designers to create products that are shorter, thinner, and with weaker flush. This reduces the overall footprint of this fixture in the bathroom.

Kohler has decided to start taking a different approach when managing lavatory design for the family bathroom. You will still be able to benefit from the innovative methods of this brand to increase the flow of water through the bowl to eliminate the issue of stop particles. The goal is to create a low- or no-maintenance experience for the homeowner to ensure that every flush goes where it needs to be.

This manufacturer does use two-inch canister valves and trapways as part of their design. This means some other brands can have less clogging issues more than Kohler. What you will discover is that the ease of installation, combined with the speed of water movement, creates an affordable, long-term solution that you will appreciate having in your home.

Questions to Keep in Mind

If you are thinking about installing a Kohler in your home, then here are a few questions that can help you begin to sort out which models will meet your needs the best. Then review the answers as you go through the toilet reviews to find the right combination of value and price for your bathroom installation or upgrade.

  • Is your toilet going to be for the master bathroom? Will it serve as a guest bathroom? Or is it going to be for the kids?
  • Are you replacing an older fixture? Does your bathroom require a remodel? Or is this going to be for new construction?
  • Who is going to be using the space? Does anyone in your family have challenges in sitting down or standing up?
  • Do you want to have a model which offers bidet functionality?
  • How would you describe the style that is currently available in your bathroom?

The answers to these questions are going to influence the features that you choose when shopping for a new Kohler product today. You might prefer a model that incorporates a cleansing function, provides a bidet, or offers your family a design that is easier to clean.

If you are replacing only the toilet in your bathroom, then your best choice would be to have a model that uses the same footprint so that you can avoid creating gaps on the existing floor.

Some models are taller than others because that makes it easier to sit down or stand up when using the fixture. The taller models are often ADA-compliant. Look for “Comfort Height” products within the brand to take advantage of this feature.

Units which offer personalized cleansing options are also changing the way that families think about how they use the bathroom. You can reduce the amount of toilet paper you use significantly by finding a toilet or an electronic seat that offer these features.

Then you will discover that Kohler offers several different styles from which to choose because no two bathrooms are exactly the same. Match the details of your preferred design and color with the best features described in the Kohler toilet reviews. Then you will have an excellent opportunity to select a model that will provide you with years of service.

Concerns with Kohler Models

The most significant concern that consumers have when using a Kohler is that the flushing processes can be challenging at times. Because this manufacturer follows the federally mandated water-use restrictions for all new models in the United States, your only options are a 1.28 or 1.6 GPF flushing mechanism. The lower pressures can sometimes cause particles to stick, especially if it has been more than 14 days since the bowl was giving a cleaning.

There are also concerns about leaks in the system when choosing this brand for your next toilet. You can solve this issue by examining your fill and flush valves to ensure that there are no maintenance issues to address. Although a full bowl may sometimes require a second flush for a fresh start, the same could be said of any other company offering residential products in the United States.

Trapway Options

The Best Kohler Toilets GuideThe trapway of the toilet is what carries the waste from the bowl to the piping that leads to your septic system or sewer line.

If you are concerned about clogging issues with your new toilet, then choose a model that offers a fully-glazed trapway to eliminate this concern.

When you choose a Kohler toilet for your bathroom remodeling project or the new construction you are finishing, then there are three different designs from which to choose when looking at this particular feature.

  • Exposed trapways offer the traditional design which allows you to see the pipe along the side of the toilet. This model features standard caps to cover the bolts which will attach the fixture to the floor.
  • Concealed trapways feature a smooth surface that is easier to clean when maintaining your toilet. It features a low-profile bolt design that replaces the traditional look to help reduce the accumulation of materials around the base of the fixture. Only a small part of the trapway is noticeable from the side.
  • Skirted trapways hide the design entirely along the base. Although this creates a wider product that may not be suitable for small bathrooms, it improves the uniform look of the final installation. Many of these models do not require caulk, drilling, or special tools to complete the work.

Each option offers aesthetic advantages for your bathroom that will not impact the functionality of the product. You will receive the flush you expect no matter which of the three trapway options you prefer for your home.

You will find different flush types available through the Kohler brand that can help to meet your specific needs as well. Gravity flushing is the most common option, allowing the toilet to use the weight of the water to pull particles down the drain.

Some models feature a pressure-assisted flush that releases compressed air to create more power in the water rotation. Although this option is louder than other options for your bathroom, it will also create a cleaner bowl for you to enjoy.

A siphon jet flush uses a vacuum-like process to pull waste down to the sewer or septic system instead of pressurizing the experience.

Then there is the dual-flush mode to consider. Dual flush allows you to choose how much water you want to send to the bowl as a way to reduce water consumption in your home.

Handle Locations

The placement of the flush handle is part of the overall design of your new model. There are options that allow you to use a pull lever or a push button that is on the top of the fixture. Some models feature a swing lever that is placed on the side of the product instead.

Hands-free models can flush because of the presence of a hidden sensor on the tank. You can also talk with a plumber to install a push plate or use a remote control with the modern fixtures from Kohler.

The most essential consideration for this particular feature is accessibility. You will want to have easy access to the handle or button that flushes the toilet once you have completed the installation process.

Single-flush designs typically have their flush lever on the left or the right side of the toilet along the front of the tank. If you prefer a dual-flush model, then the buttons will typically be on the top of the tank instead. You will see a “1” and “2” option in some way (usually pictured as raindrops) to indicate what to press if you want a half-flush or a full-flush experience.

Touchless models from Kohler place the sensor on the top of the tank as well. This feature comes pre-installed on some models, but it is also available as a kit that will fit most of the products offered by this manufacturer.

Are Kohler Models Easy to Install?

If you can tackle DIY plumbing projects at home, then you can install a Kohler toilet without much difficulty. Their models work with the standard rough-in to quickly replace an existing fixture that you wish to upgrade. Installing a product in a brand-new bathroom? The lightweight design that you will find throughout each of the manufacturer’s series will make it a simple, straightforward operation.

Despite the lower weight profile that you can find on some models with Kohler, this brand has a reputation of providing a strong fixture.  It will still provide your entire family with the support they need.

When you need to remove a two-piece fixture because you are replacing it with a new Kohler model, it helps to disconnect the tank first to accommodate this process. You will want to take off the cover caps on the bolts, and then unhook the toilet from its mounting. Then you can remove the tank from the bowl to facilitate its removal. When installing the new model, just follow the process in reverse.

If you decide that a Kohler model is your preferred option, then make sure that you measure the rough-in before finalizing your purchase. Every design from this manufacturer is based on the standard 12-inch measurement. If you have a 10-inch or 14-inch need to fill in your bathroom you might need to move some plumbing. If you don’t want to shift the plumbing, then you’ll need to contact the brand to determine if a customized product is available.

Also, make sure that you avoid any backsplash or trim that is in your bathroom which could interfere with the measurement.

Prices to Expect

Kohler bathroom products are one of the most budget-friendly bathroom fixtures of its type that you will find on the market today. Almost every model is priced below $400. There are several options for you to look at which can be under $200. Though the sub-$200 are a straightforward product that doesn’t come with a lot of features. Premium designs from this brand can be priced near $1,000. Though that is still 50% cheaper than what their competitors provide for a similar product.

The Kohler Trellis is often priced above $2,000 per toilet. But that’s only if you want the best option that this manufacturer provides today. Most homeowners can find a suitable toilet that will meet their needs from this brand for approximately $300.

Is a Kohler Right for Your Home?

Kohler toilets provide you with an American-made experience. Your home will get to benefit from the timeless designs that each series offers when you add this fixture to your bathroom. You are always in control of the features and modern technologies that you want with this product. Our Kohler toilet reviews will help you to decide which specific model can meet your needs in the most effective way.

Take a look at the dozens of options which are available today, and you may just find the perfect toilet for your bathroom remodeling project or new construction installation.

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