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Toto® Toilets Review – Best of Drake, Promenade & Ultramax

Toto® Toilets are a name that you can trust in the industry today. You will discover that the reputation of this brand lives up to the hype when you actually see and use some of their products.

This toilet review guide will provide you with the information necessary to help you select the best model to fit your needs. You’ll also find that the company is a people-first organization providing every possible chance to add value to your bathroom with this central fixture.

Our Favorite Totos

If you know for certain that Toto is the best brand for your home, then we’ve made it easy to choose a well-reviewed model. These are the highest-rated models that the manufacturer currently offers to ensure that your bathroom receives the flush it deserves.

Best Seller

Best Value

Toto Drake II Toto Promenade II

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Our Rating: 4.4 Our Rating: 4.7
Market Popularity: High Market Popularity: Low

Best Quality

Most Unique

Toto Ultramax II Toto Eco Ultramax

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Our Rating: 4.1 Our Rating: 4.4
Market Popularity: High Market Popularity: High


The Drake II


  • Strong Flush
  • Variable Flush
  • Quick Refill


  • Noise

This best-selling toilet is one of the best high-efficiency models that you can find on the market today. It will help you to save 20% more water even when you compare it to the options that flush at 1.6 gallons. This  model features a CEFIONTECT glaze that provides the bowl with the quality that mimics lubrication, making it easier to remove particles from the fixture every time you pull the lever.

The Drake II also offers what the company calls their “tornado flush” technology. This is a hole-free rim design that uses dual nozzles to provide a better centrifugal rinse. You may find it challenging at first to clean the nozzles with a standard brush, but it is worth the effort because of how well the flush sends waste down to the sewer or your septic system.

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Best Value

The Promenade II


  • 360 Cleaning
  • Cefiontect Glaze
  • Quiet


  • Side handle

If your budget is tight, then finding the best combination of value, cost, and performance is essential. When you choose this elongated design to be in your bathroom, then you will have a product that offers a traditional look while supporting modern water conservation efforts.

It also features the CEFIONTECT glaze that promotes more particle movement whenever a flush occurs. This model is CEC compliant, meets WaterSense certification standards, and it is ADA compliant. You will receive the soft-close seat in the box when you choose this option, which flushes at 1.28 GPF. There will be no more slammed lids, but there will also be fewer unexpected surprises on your water bill when you make this investment. All in all, a great value buy.

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Best Quality

The Ultramax II


  • Glazed Trap
  • SoftClose Seat
  • Elongated Bowl


  • Occasional Clogs

The Toto UltraMax II is easily the best quality model from this manufacturer if you need a product that can withstand heavy use. Its construction is perfect for families who have small children. You will also discover that it can handle high-capacity use without reducing the quality of the experience you receive.

The company designers created an extra-wide trap with this model to prevent the typical clogs that you can find in the bathroom. Although it does take a little while to get used to the flushing mechanism, you will find that the powerful flush that is available with this model will eliminate the double flushes that can sometimes occur with other brands.

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Most Unique

The Eco Ultramax


  • SanaGloss
  • Fast Flush
  • Wide Trapway


  • Height

The Toto Eco UltraMax offers an ADA-compliant user experience that allows you to maximize your water efficiency without compromising flushing. You have your choice from four different finishes with this model to create a complementary look for your bathroom. It comes equipped with the G-Max flushing system to ensure that every time you pull the lever, the water movement pushes the waste away without creating a mess to clean up afterward.

Because this product is ADA-compliant, the seat stands a little taller than what you might be used to using with an older model. When you consider the SanaGloss finish and the wider trapway, you will discover that this unit has a lot to offer.

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Why Choose the Toto Brand?

The first toilets manufactured by this brand came from Kitakyushu, Japan in 1917. Since the first products sold, Toto has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of this bathroom fixture. There are several varieties, styles, and sizes from which to choose, which means your home can benefit from a well-tested product that will meet your current and future flushing needs very effectively.

Toto products are designed with the modern family in mind. When someone uses the bathroom in your home, then there might be a lid that accidentally slams. You might rock on the fixture some as you shift your weight. Their products stand up to the pressures of everyday use as well as providing a consistent flush. This dual achievement from this manufacturer is one of its most significant attributes.

Brand Highlights

Toto believes that the modern-day environmental requirements which are necessary for a modern toilet shouldn’t be a complication for your daily routine. Even though you need to take care of business when using this bathroom fixture, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a place that feels calm and peaceful.

You deserve to have a place in your home that feels like an oasis. That is the primary benefit of owning a Toto toilet. You will receive a durable product that adapts to your lifestyle.

Because there are several different models available from this manufacturer, our Toto reviews will help you to determine which features will support your lifestyle in the best possible way. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of clean lines or want something modern with automatic features, you will be able to find what you want with this brand.

The company makes sure that every homeowner has a product that is supportive of each person, no matter what their age or ability may be. It goes beyond the need to meet or exceed government safety standards.

It is a path toward the best bathroom possible in your home.

Round vs. Elongated Bowl

When you are in the market for a new toilet, then the bowl shape that you choose will be one of the first decisions made during the shopping process. Elongated designs are more comfortable, which is why they tend to be the preferred option for homeowners when there is enough space to accommodate them in the bathroom.

A significant majority of the toilets purchased in the United States each year are the elongated design. That doesn’t mean a round bowl is a style you should ignore. If you have a small space for your bathroom, then this design option will allow you to install this fixture correctly without impacting the other elements of the bathroom (like closing the door!).

If you wish to use a seat bidet with your new product, then you may find it to be a little easier when your model is elongated. There are still options for both designs to consider.

The cost of a toilet seat is usually cheaper when using a round bowl compared to the elongated design.

Should I Purchase a One-Piece or Two-Piece?

Toto offers models that have one-piece or two-piece designs based on what your preference happens to be. The one-piece design contains a tank which merges with the bowl without the need to maintain a secondary connection. With the two-piece design, the tank and the bowl are separate and must be connected during the installation process.

Both designs look similar once you have them installed in your bathroom. Price is usually the differentiating factor when deciding if a one-piece or a two-piece model is your best option.

The one-piece models from Toto are typically priced a little higher than the traditional two-piece design. You will also find that having a separate tank and bowl makes it a lot easier to install and repair your preferred model as time goes by. If cleaning is your top priority, then the single unit removes the seam that can collect debris, urine, and other bathroom elements where the two elements combine.

What Flushing System Should You Purchase?

Every toilet is rated for the amount of water that it uses in every flash. We call this rating the toilet’s GPF – gallons per flush.

Guidelines in the United States require that all toilets should not use more than 1.6 GPF. Some states have their own regulations that require all models to have a 1.28 GPF instead. Although older models that are already installed are typically exempt from this rule, you cannot purchase a new product unless it meets these measurements.

Toto offers you three different flushing systems from which to choose in their full line of toilets. Here is an overview of how each performs to ensure you purchase the correct model for your home.

  • The Dual Flush system gives you the option for a half-tank flush so that you can use as little as 0.9 GPF. The full tank gives you a 1.6 GPF flush instead.
  • The EMax Flushing System uses the high-efficiency 1.28 GPF, even if that figure is not published on an individual listing.
  • The GMax Flushing System offers a 1.6 GPF flush.

Should I Switch to a High-Efficiency Toilet?

Did you know that roughly 30% of the water bill that you pay every month is because of your water-use habits in the bathroom?

Although older showerheads bear the brunt of this responsibility (some of them send out over 8 gallons of water per minute!), the previous generation of toilets contributes a significant amount to the problem as well. Older models can sometimes send 7 gallons of water down the drain with every flush.

When you upgrade to a new Toto toilet, then this issue goes away immediately once you have the fixture installed in your bathroom. Modern models all offer a flushing experience that is under 2 gallons per use. Some are as low as 1.28 gallons per flush.

If the average person flushes five times per day, then you will save approximately 25 gallons of water by upgrading to a high-efficiency model. For a family of four, that means you will save an average of 3,000 gallons of water per month. When you combine this benefit with the other efforts you can take to conserve this resource, you may find that the utility bill at the end of the month won’t be as high.

Does a high-efficiency flush really work? Despite some of the criticism you can find online about this technology, these new systems create a similar flushing experience without using the same levels of water. You will be able to help the environment without almost no work on your end after the installation is over.

Replace an older model with a high-efficiency unit in each bathroom and the savings will continue to mount. It is not unusual for a new fixture to pay for itself within a couple of years thanks to the savings provided.

How Easy Is It to Install?

Installing a Toto unit is similar to what you would expect from any other manufacturer. These products use a standard rough-in of 12 inches with their design. If you own an older home and require a 14-inch product, there are a few models which can offer this for you. Make sure to take a few moments to browse through the reviews for this brand to ensure you receive the correct placement.

Make sure that you turn off the water supply before starting the installation process. If you are replacing an existing fixture with a Toto model, then flush the existing one to remove the water. Plunge out any that remains in the bowl, and then dry out the tank. It is easier to remove a two-piece design in individual section than it is to try moving the entire unit all at once.

Then remove the old seal underneath the previous unit before starting on the new installation. Inspect your flange carefully to ensure it didn’t crack during the removal process. Then add the new seal, install the bolts, and you’ll be ready to follow the other installation instructions provided in the guide you are using.

The height of your toilet may dictate your installation process as well. The standard height for a Toto toilet is 15 inches, but if you take advantage of their “Comfort Height” design, then the seat may be up to 18 inches from the floor. If for some reason you must install a lavatory in a public bathroom, then you will need to opt for the ADA-compliant model to avoid issues with bathroom codes.

Are There Common Problems with Toto Models?

Toto restroom products encounter the same issues that you will see in most brands today. There are no concerns with the outside structural components of the product.

In reviewing the published complaints about this brand, there are two primary issues to consider before finalizing your purchase today. The first is the way that the flapper operates within the tank. It does not always seal well, creating a small leak that runs into the bowl which requires a better seal around the connection, or a replacement of the flapper sooner than you would expect.

The second issue involves the G-Max fill valve in some models. Consumers report that they can start and stop intermittently. These issues typically fall under the warranty agreement for these products, but you will want to review all of the documentation from the manufacturer because they do reserve the right to change them at any time.

Popular Accessories

Once you have decided on the perfect Toto toilet for your bathroom based on its functionality and looks, then it is worth remembering that this manufacturer offers a wide range of accessories that can work with your new fixture as well.

The Washlet is the most popular feature offered by the company. It is an electronic bidet seat that includes a nightlight, dryer, and water wand to ensure that you are always clean after using the bathroom. The seat is even heated for your comfort.

If you are thinking about purchasing the Toto Neorest for your home, then you could choose the Washlet and one of their traditional two-piece designs to create a similar result for a much better price!

For families who are wanting to have a comfortable experience in their bathroom without breaking the budget, then the soft-close seat from Toto is another significant upgrade to consider. Although it won’t beat the affordability of the $5 wooden seat special at your local hardware store, you will benefit from the slower raising and lowering function that is built into its design.

The specialty hinges on this seat help to avoid slamming issues that can sometimes happen, reducing the risk of a broken bowl after its installation. There will be fewer wakeup calls in the middle of the night with this product too!

Benefits of the Toto Washlet

One of the most exciting products that you can find today is called the Washlet. It offers you a hassle-free experience that makes cleaning up a lot easier after you need to use the bathroom.

It offers a comfortable stream of warm water that will help you to cleanse with the touch of a single button. That means you can turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience by using this one product.

The benefit of this product is that it creates a more hygienic experience in the bathroom for every moment of the family. Using water as a way to clean is more effective than what toilet paper can provide when it is dry. The technology offered for the Washlet keeps the water in the bowl so that you don’t need to worry about sprays either.

Use the pre-mist function to prevent waste buildup in the bowl before every use. Electrolyzed fluids help to keep everything more sanitary as well. This combination of features makes it possible to keep the fixture clean without the need to use harsh chemicals in your bathroom that could damage your plumbing or septic system.

The Washlet is also eco-friendly thanks to its ability to cut down on the levels of toilet paper that you use at home. You’re saving the trees and the water used to create that product. You will discover fewer clogs and cleaning requirements waiting for you because the combination of a high-power flush from your Toto toilet and the lack of paper makes for a smooth flushing experience.

What Is the Expected Cost?

Toto toilets are one of the most affordable brands that you can purchase today. There are several options which come with a premium price as well if you require an upgraded fixture. The entry-level models are typically priced under $300, while the most advanced options can be above $2,000.

Most homeowners will find a model that meets their needs from this manufacturer for roughly $500 or less. Price is not an indicator of quality, so make sure to review all of the features that are available with your preferred model before finalizing your purchase.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Today?

If your home is ready for a new toilet, then the emphasis on innovation by the Toto brand can help you to create the perfect bathroom oasis in your home. You can rest assured that the manufacturing process creates a sturdy, comfortable product that you will love using for years to come.

Use the Toto toilet information found here to choose the best model for your bathroom upgrade or construction effort. Then you will have comfortable flush waiting for you every time you need to go.

If you feel like the brand is not right for your home, then be sure to take a moment to browse through our ultimate guide to finding the best toilet to see if another option can meet your needs. Also check out our other toilet reviews and specific model articles for more detailed information.

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