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American Standard® Reviews – Best of Town Square, Cadet & H2Option

American Standard offers an unmatched legacy of innovation and quality in the toilet industry today. They have kept this reputation intact for over 140 years, and there is nothing to suggest that this will change any time soon. 60% of homeowners in the United States have at least one product from this brand that they use every day.

The goal of American Standard is to make life safer and healthier without compromising the beauty or usefulness of the products that you use at home. That is why they are one of North America’s leading plumbing and building product manufacturers. If you want to purchase an affordable product today, then this brand must be one of your first considerations.

Top Reviewed Models

You will find that there are several American Standard sub-brands available today that provide a quality outcome for homeowners at any budget. If you are familiar with brands like DXV®, Eljer®, or Decorative Panels International®, then you have encountered this company.

This guide reviews the best toilets that are currently available under the parent company branding of American Standard.

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AS Town Square AS Cadet

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Our Rating: 4.4 Our Rating: 4.1
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AS H2Option AS Cadet Right Height

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Why Choose American Standard?

American Standard offers an intriguing value proposition. They provide you with an opportunity to experience the advanced features that manufacturers are using in the industry today without paying an exceptionally high price. That doesn’t mean that every model which this brand offers comes at an entry-level price, but it does indicate that you can find the right level of quality at a price you can afford.

You will find that there are one-piece and two-piece options both available with this manufacturer. If you need to have a toilet that meets specific water usage standards, then there is an excellent chance that this brand can provide that for you as well.

Whether you choose the VorMax series, which are affordable and intuitive, or you prefer the one-piece elegance of the Champion product, there is something for everyone when shopping with this brand. You will receive casual comfort while still experiencing a serious performance.

Unique Features of American Standard Toilets

The American Standard products are engineered for excellence. They provide your home with an optimal performance with every flush because the manufacturer is always seeking new ways to include the latest industry innovations into each product.

That means your experience with the best toilets from this brand always involve convenience and quality.

There are several unique features to consider when you start looking at the best products that are available now. Leading the way is their EverClean® Surface technology that helps to keep the interior of the bowl free of waste particles for an extended time. That means you will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life!

Then there are these additional features to consider when looking at the various models available from this manufacturer.

• American Standard offers WaterSense® units that meet the highest standards of water efficiency that are on the market today.
• Their easy-install process makes it simple to replace an older unit because there is no hassle or tools involved.
• They produce self-cleaning units that can remove stains from the interior of the bowl just by pressing a button on the fixture.
• This brand also offers the VorMax™ series that feature the most powerful flushing technology available from this company, with results that are two times better than the conventional design.

If you’re ready to enjoy the strength of commercial performance in the convenience of your home, then this brand has the perfect product for you to consider today.

Find the Right Model for Me

You will discover that manufacturers are willing to put a glossy shine on all of their descriptions when trying to sell you a toilet. Most of them will use similar language, offer products with similar specifications, and even create similar looks to entice you into buying something.

How can you tell if you’re purchasing a product that is going to last for a decade or more? Are there ways to discover if there are certain models that turn out to be lemons more often than not?

When you shop for the best American Standard toilets, the first stop should be to review the specs of the product with the space you have in your bathroom. When you can find a model that fits your requirements, then it is time to read through the consumer reviews and product testing results for the one that has piqued your interest.

Think about the various features that you want to see with your toilet as well. Do you want a clog-free performance that is almost always guaranteed? Would you prefer to have a unit that is easy to install?

The company manufacturers products which fit into all of these categories rather effectively. You will discover that if your bathroom has a need, then there is a unit with the features necessary to fill it. As long as you’re willing to do some research first, your due diligence will help you to find the best combination of value and price that is available right now.

What Are the Range of Prices?

Most American Standard toilets are priced between $200 to $1,000, depending on the features and design that you prefer with this manufacturer. The one-piece designs tend to be priced about 20% higher than the two-piece models. If you decide that one of their self-cleaning models is the best option for your home, then you can expect to pay about $450 or less for this unique feature.



AS Town Square


  • Duroplast Seat
  • Powerwash Rim
  • 1.28 GPF


  • Tough Installation

The American Standard Town Square provides you with a concealed trapway to minimize your cleaning responsibilities. You will receive a product which allows you to sit at the right height with its two-piece design, offering an elongated bowl and siphon action that provides an effective flushing experience every time.

This unit features a standard 12-inch rough-in, complimented with a power-wash rim that helps to scrub the bowl clean every time you flush it. Although the product does weigh over 110 pounds, you will still find the installation to be rather straightforward. The end result is a classy look that will turn heads in any bathroom.

Many people are concerned about the noise pollution that this model makes after it is successfully installed in the bathroom. Although it is louder than some of the other models that are available from other brands, it is much quieter than older units. The entire process takes about five seconds to complete, and then the feeling portion of the cycle is exceptionally silent.

Independent testing of this toilet found that it can handle up to 1,000 grams of solid waste in a single flush. Even though it offers a low 1.28 GPF rating to save you 20% over the other standard models available today, you will discover that there is a lot less mess when this product is part of your bathroom.

The Town Square seat is included in the box as well. It offers a slow-close feature that will work to prevent slamming situations in your bathroom that could increase the risk of damage to the product. It is also backed by a 10-year warranty that covers everything inside and out of the fixture, making it one of the most comprehensive protective features in the industry today.

If there were one area for improvement with the American Standard Town Square, it would involve the mounting process for this fixture. This unit features mountain bolts that are hidden from plain view to keep the look of the skirt around the trapway hidden. They are only visible through two small openings along the side of the unit. Trying to position the product correctly is a bit of a challenge, then the tightening process is even worse – even for experienced plumbers. This element of the design makes it easier to install in open spaces instead of confined areas.

If you are looking for an excellent toilet that will exceed your expectations with every flush, then choose this American Standard model today. You will find that it has the capability to continue offering dividends for many years down the road. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the AS Town Square.


Best Value

AS Cadet


  • 3-Inch Flush Valve
  • Flapper Quality
  • Durability


  • 15-Inch Height

If you are in the market for a two-piece toilet that is extremely affordable, then you will not find a better value than the American Standard Cadet. It features a standard 12-inch rough-in for installation, a round front bowl, and a durable surface that is easy to clean thanks to the Vitreous China construction. This product also features the EverClean antimicrobial surface that this manufacturer supplies on its higher-end models.

You’ll struggle to find a toilet on the market today with this quality at a similar price from any other brand. Although it offers an exposed trapway and only provides the basics, the oversized 3-inch flush valve offers a powerful flushing experience. The flapper is chemical-resistant in its design as well to ensure that you can get the longest life possible from this minimal investment.

The seat does not come in the box with the American Standard Cadet, but the price still makes this model an exceptionally attractive option when you have an emergency replacement need at home. You also find that this model offers enough value for landlords to install it in their rental properties without worrying about how their tenants are caring for the fixture. It looks smart, works well, and it won’t set your budget back much at all.

You will even receive improved water savings when you choose this model for your home. It offers a 1.28 GPF experience that can save you a surprising amount of water when this fixture is in every bathroom that you own. It is a hard-working product that no one will believe is an entry-level model when they use it for the first time. That’s why it is consistently a Top 10 best-seller.

This product does ship in two different boxes most of the time when you order it online. Once you receive the bowl and the tank, the installation is a snap. If you are replacing an older unit, then this American Standard model will replace it in 4 hours or less for most households. Although it is only 15 inches in height, the product is still suitable for people of any age. It also works exceptionally well in spots where you only have a small installation point.

We also found that the mechanisms inside the tank are exceptionally easy to replace if something should wear out in the future. Some products have a proprietary design that makes it challenging to source replacement parts when you need to complete a repair. Even American Standard can be challenging in this regard at times as well. When you choose to add the Cadet model to your bathroom, then the standard 400A fill valve from Fluidmaster and other universal parts work just as well as the ones supplied by the manufacturer.

It is rare that a product can make you feel like you’re flying in first class when your budget can only afford coach pricing. Although there are a few faults to consider with this model, American Standard has created an excellent entry-level product that you were going to enjoy having in your home. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the AS Cadet.


Best Quality

AS H2Option


  • High Efficiency
  • ADA Compliant
  • Push-Button Flush


  • Noise

If your bathroom is ready for an upgrade, then the American Standard H2O is the perfect solution to consider today. It is one of the most affordable dual-flash models that are available from this manufacturer that does not compromise on the number of features that you receive with the product.

It meets all ADA specifications, including offering a height of 16.5 inches from the floor to the base of the unit. You will want to add another inch to that height measurement when you add the seat, which does not come in the box with this product. It works with a standard rough-in of 12 inches, allowing almost every modern home an opportunity to take advantage of a high-efficiency, low-consumption model.

American Standard currently makes this model available with an elongated design for added comfort. There are three different colors from which to choose, although all of them are different shades of white. This design complements the chrome-plated top-mounted push-button activator that allows you to flush a partial tank or a full one based on the waste particles left behind in the tank.

This model sometimes ships in separate boxes, and they may arrive separately. Depending on your location, there may be a day or two between deliveries depending on how the shipping company processes the order.

When you choose this American Standard product, you’ll get to take advantage of their power-wash rim design. This model features a pressurized rim where water is fed into the chamber from the tank, trapping air inside of the unit to create a higher level of pressure inside of the chamber. Then the water discharges from specially-configured rim holes that help to scour waste particles away from the interior surfaces of the bowl. This feature works with the EverClean system provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you have a cleaner unit with every flush.

We also appreciated how easy it was to install this American Standard unit. The H20 features their speed-connect system, which will cut down your work by at least 30% when you’re ready to place the fixture on its moorings. The factory pre-assembles and installs the bolts and grommets on the product, which eliminates the number of loose parts that you can find inside of the box.

As with any other toilet that is on the market today, this American Standard product is not without its flaws. It doesn’t install well when you are trying to match it with an imperfect surface, and if you tighten it too much, then there is a risk of breaking the porcelain. The dual-flush design can make it challenging to remove all of the waste from the bowl even on a full flush at times as well.

From an overall standpoint, the positives here far outweigh the few minor negatives that some might encounter with this product. This model provides a consistent, reliable experience that you can depend upon any time you feel the urge to go. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the AS H2Option.


Most Unique

AS Cadet Right Height


  • Pressure Assist
  • EvenClean Surface
  • Elongated Rim


  • Noise

The American Standard Cadet Right Height Elongated toilet is one of the most unique options that are available today from this manufacturer. You will receive a pressure-assisted siphon jet action flush every time you pull the front-mounted lever, allowing the interior to become effectively clean without any other work on your part. It also provides the comfort of the elongated design at 16.5 inches, making it easier to sit down or stand up when you need to use the bathroom.

Unlike other products from competitive manufacturers, American Standard doesn’t use the pressure-assist feature as a marketing term. You will receive the one closed in her tank that uses the pressure of the water line to create a flush that is more powerful. It comes with the proper venting to ensure that you always receive the best possible flushing experience every time you activate the lever.

Another advantage to consider is the company’s EverClean surface treatment. This feature will work to inhibit the growth of bacteria-related odor and mold-related stains on the surface of the product. Even if you have hard water and must remove the scale-related marks that can form around the drain, using a pumice stone or firm brush will ensure that you receive a clean experience every time you lift the lid.

This model does not come with a seat in the box. You will also find that the space between the anchors and the small crack between the tank and bowl on this two-piece design does pick up a lot of debris, so a bidet option may not be the right choice to consider.

You will receive the standard flow rate of 1.6 GPF with the American Standard Cadet with the Comfort Height seating. The warranty offered is for only 1 year, but this product is a proven performer in bathrooms all across the United States. It installs easily, supports every member of your family, and it even works well when trying to manage tight spaces.

One of the primary complaints with this model is that it can struggle to flush certain types of toilet paper. We experienced this issue as well, as triple-ply products tend to stick to the sides of the toilet when you flush because of the weight. When you use a 2-ply item, most of them will flush well – assuming that you’re not using 25% of the roll to clean yourself. Rapid-dissolving TP had no issues with this toilet.

We would not recommend using flushable wipes with this model as they tend to increase the risk of clogging in the trapway.

Because this model is a pressure-assisted unit, there is more noise to consider compared to a standard product. If you’re used to a gravity flush with your toilets at home, then the experience provided by this model can be a little frustrating at times when flushes are constant.

From a value perspective, we really appreciate what they’ve created with this unique toilet. It is absolutely worth a closer look if you want to upgrade your bathroom to take advantage of modern water efficiency rates. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the AS Cadet Right Height.

American Standard offers several different models that can fit your need outside of these excellent options. Consider this brand if you want an affordable product that can provide reliable results for several years to come. Otherwise, if you feel like looking for other options, please check out our other toilet reviews here.


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