The Best Toilets Reviewed for 2019

There is no doubt about the importance of having a good toilet. Home is where you poop most comfortably and if you’re looking for the best toilet to buy today, then you’ve come to the right place!

In order to select the right model, you’re going to need good information. That’s what our comprehensive, fact-based toilet reviews will give you. The chart below is a great place to get started right now!

Best Seller

Best Value

Saniflo SanicompactToto Drake

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Our Rating: 4.0Our Rating: 4.3
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Best Flush

Woodbridge T-0001Kohler K-3817-47

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Best-Selling Toilet

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact


  • Built-in Macerator
  • Small point install
  • Upflush capable


  • Price

The Saniflo 023 Sanicompact self-contained toilet allows you to quickly build a half-bathroom in almost any residential application. It features an upflush design which provides vertical plumping for up to 9 feet or 100 feet of horizontal slurry movement. This design allows for a connection as a sink as well while still only using a minimum amount of water. It requires only one gallon of water per flush.

This best-selling toilet by Saniflo was designed to fit into the tight spots where you might want to have a bathroom, but a conventional design won’t fit. It offers a self-contained macerating unit that is water-efficient, providing help even to those who may have a physical limitation when trying to use the bathroom.

You can place this model in your basement, on your ground floor, an upper floor, or your shop or garage. It even works in an attic or under a stairwell.

Additional Features

  • It allows you to rotate the discharge elbow at the back up to 360 degrees so that it can fit any type of installation.
  • There is a non-return valve that comes standard in the discharge elbow already to prevent backflow to the unit.
  • Its design is a forced main, which means you do not need to vent the plumbing or have it connected to a vent stack.

Although some of the features and benefits may change based on your local building codes, you will discover that this model is great value with its overall flexibility. The running time of each flush is a maximum of 15 seconds, using a 1-inch discharge pipe that will also discharge the wastewater of a sink.

You will want to include a GFCI unit when installing the Saniflo because of the presence of water near an electrical source thanks to the pump and macerator. Although this step is not always required, it is considered a best practice. You can remove the bowl, and then mark the position of the fixing brackets to take care of this one chore.

As long as you connect the system to a gray-water distribution pipe in your home, it will eventually lead to your main sewer pipe or septic system – in most cases. You should always inspect an alternative connection to ensure you’re not inadvertently installing the unit on a system that sprays the slurry through your sprinkler system or some other pipe.

Some clogging issues may occur for customers based on where their upflush location. If you are maxing out the 9-foot limitation for your connection, then it may require 2-3 flushes before you get a clean bowl once again. We have found that this product typically works better when you can create more of a downward or horizontal connection

If you’re looking for an affordable and effective way to add a half-bathroom to your home, then give this best-selling model a closer look today. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Saniflo 023.


Best Value Toilet

Toto Drake


  • ADA Compliant
  • Universal Height
  • Clog Resistant


  • Noisy

The TOTO Drake 2-Piece toilet features an elongated bowl, an affordable price, and several different color options from which to choose. It is an ADA-compliant model as well, ensuring that everyone in your home receives an opportunity to enjoy using this fixture.

It features the standard two-piece design that you would expect with a modern toilet. You will have the chrome flushing lever mounted on the right side of the unit, activating the G-Max system that offers a low-consumption experience. It offers 1.6 gallons per flush of water movement while using a 12-inch rough-in, less your supply.

The trap diameter is also standard at 2 1/8 inches, with a seal of 2 3/8 inches for regular use. Each flush provides 8 PSI of power to ensure that the vitreous china becomes clean every time you use this model. It is surprisingly quiet once installed, despite the presence of a 3-inch flush valve that offers a commercial-grade flush at home.

One of the best elements of this design is the way that the lid of the tank works with the overall unit. TOTO designed the Drake two-piece unit to sit with the tank instead of sitting over it like older models typically provided, offering a cleaner look that is much easier to maintain. If you’re not used to the higher seating experience, this model can take a little to get used to using, but it will definitely provide a positive presence for any bathroom in your home.

It does feature an unglazed trapway, so clogs are a consideration to think about when using this model. You must have the top of the bowl be 16.75 inches off of the floor, with 28 inches from the back of the tank to the front of the bowl. Match up the measurements and you will absolutely have a fantastic value item for your bathroom.

You will need to purchase the seat separately when choosing this model. We highly recommend upgrading it with a soft-close seat or a washlet if your budget allows for it, a fantastic value-for-money bathroom experience. When you order this model online, the tank and bowl may ship separately, so be aware that you may receive individual packages on separate days in some locations.

Some people may have concerns about the noise that comes from this unit. Although it is a little louder than your average unit, it is not something that will wake light sleepers unless their hearing is extremely sensitive.

If you are looking for the best value purchase available today on a budget, then the TOTO Drake two-piece offers a positive experience that we believe you will appreciate in your bathroom. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Toto Drake.


Best Flushing Toilet

Kohler K-3817-47


  • Dual Flush
  • Skirted Trapway
  • Watersense Certified


  • Difficult DIY Install

The Kohler Memoirs Comfort Height two-piece toilet is the model that offers the best flush on the market today. It is an experience that goes beyond the PSI of the water or the movement around the bowl to clean and clear with each flush. There are several other elements that this model scores highly on, making this a better investment for your bathroom.

  • When you engage the flushing mechanism, it consistently lifts the flapper to create a full rush of water. There is no hesitation like you can find on some of the entry-level models that are available right now.
  • It features a front-tank lever on the right that provides you with easier reach without an accidental activation occurring.
  • The shape of the bowl with this model prevents inadvertent splashing from occurring when trying to flush numerous waste particles at once.
  • It offers a cleaner surface along the interior because of the effectiveness of its water movement.

You have several different colors to choose from so it’s easy to match your home and bathroom décor.

The higher seating height of this model provides your bathroom with the same experience that you would receive with a standard chair. That makes it a lot more comfortable and easier to use for most adults.

At the same time, Kohler created a product which meets current WaterSense® flushing guidelines to ensure that you can save more water every time you flush compared to standard models.

An AquaPiston canister is the secret to the Memoirs’ powerful flush. This design makes it possible for water to flow into the bowl from all sides, which increases the effectiveness and power that you receive after pulling the lever. It offers 90% less exposed seal material than a 3-inch flapper does as well, offering a leak-free performance that you can rely upon every day for everyone in your family.

If you find that using the canister-style flush doesn’t quite give you all of the water that you want, then we discovered that holding the lever down can help to improve the flush. When you press it down after you’re finished using the restroom, the canister drops and closes immediately upon release, which is different than the slower movements of other designs. You’ll still use the 1.28 gallons per flush with this method, but in a way that works better when there’s a tough bit of business that needs flushing.

It does typically ship in two boxes, so you will receive the tank and bowl separately. Choose the option to ship in the fewest possible containers or delivery methods to reduce a delay in receiving all the parts. You will need to supply your own seat as well, even though the images provided by the manufacturer suggest that one might ship with the product.

The Kohler Memoirs will easily become one of your favorites. Install it in your bathroom today to experience the power of its flush. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Kohler K-3817-47.


Best One-Piece Toilet

WoodBridge T-0001


  • AquaPiston
  • Made in USA
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Average water flow

Woodbridge created a masterpiece with its T-0001 one-piece dual-flush toilet. It features an elongated design, a soft-closing seat, and offers a Comfort Height experience that makes it very user-friendly. You can activate the flush with a rectangle button that sits on top of the tank portion of this unit. It offers a look that is sleek, sophisticated, and will easily complement the look of any bathroom design.

One of the most significant benefits of this model is the cleanliness of the design. It features sharp angles and easy-to-access components that makes maintenance and disinfecting a simple chore. It also offers a siphon flushing design that gives you a potent flush every time you activate it. Despite the strength of the water movement that you can flush with this model, it is surprisingly quiet during use.

There are no corners or grooves to worry about cleaning when you choose this design, which is why it is so easy to clean. The trapway is also skirted to help with this process.

Unlike other models at this price, you will receive a fully-glazed flush that makes it a lot easier to clean, avoid stains and blockages. There are virtually no clogs and absolutely no leaks when you choose this innovative one-piece design from Woodbridge. It only comes in one color currently: Pure White.

When you purchase the Woodbridge T-0001, then you will receive an all-in-one package design that will help to finish your remodeling project or installation in no time at all. You’ll receive a pre-installed seat, a wax ring to replace the old one you may need to remove, floor bolts, and complete installation instructions to ensure that the process goes smoothly for you.

This model is also one of the few that is available in the industry that holds multiple certifications, including CSA, UPC, and WaterSense®. It comes with a 5-year warranty to support the dual-flush design that operates with just 1 gallon on a partial flush.

Installation can be somewhat difficult if you’re not used to dealing with a one-piece unit. There may be some challenges in attaching the water line for some homeowners. If you’re not an experienced DIY individual who loves to tackle tough projects, hiring a plumber or contractor to complete this part of the remodeling or installation project will save you a headache. The skirting does make it a challenge at times to place the unit on to the bolts.

You will want to use the stronger flush (at 1.6 GPF) for anything but liquid waste when flushing. Although it doesn’t usually clog unless you stuff wads of toilet paper into it, the low-power flush option doesn’t have the power to remove stuck waste particles at times.

If you want to have a stunning look for your bathroom that speaks of modern elegance, then this Woodbridge one-piece model will be a fantastic addition at a great price. Order yours today to ensure that your bathroom can benefit from all of the rewards available with this model. Click here to compare prices on Amazon and find the best deal on the Woodbridge T-0001.


How to Find the Right Model for Your Home

Finding the best toilet for your home must go beyond the color and style that you prefer. You must also determine which features matter the most to you.

Although designs with smart features are becoming more common, there are also homeowners who want something simple and straightforward that will get the job done consistently. Always stay within your budget, but if you can spend a little more, it is possible to get some of the must-have items like LED bulbs or automatic covers.

Here are the things to consider to make sure that you can find the right lavatory for your home today.

Elongated vs. Round Bowls

Measuring the space you have in the bathroom is an essential step to know which type of bowl will fit in that area. If you have more than 31 inches from the wall without interfering with the traffic pattern in the restroom, then there is the possibility to add an elongated model. Round designs require up to 28 inches from the wall.

Elongated toilets typically provide more comfort to the user, whereas round models ensure that you have enough space in your bathroom to take care of your personal needs whilst being able to close the door.

Seat Height

Manufacturers measure height by going from the floor to the top of the rim. You should have a product that is easy for you to sit down for use, and then stand up again. If you purchase a “standard” model, then it will be 14 to 15 inches from the floor. This option works well for people who are generally 5’6” or shorter.

If you are taller than that, then you will want to shop for a unit with a taller seat. Most manufacturers provide models that go up to 17 inches in height.

Some people may struggle to sit on the toilet because of a disability, their age, or a chronic injury. There are some designs which offer a seat height of 19+ inches that can make it easier to go to the bathroom in those circumstances.

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece

One-piece toilets do not have a separate tank and bowl. They offer the convenience of a single installation point without the need to service the valve between the bowl and the tank. Although they cost a little more than their two-piece competitors, this choice saves space, reduces cleaning time, and creates a modern look for the bathroom.

Two-piece designs provide a separate tank and bowl for installation, which is the most common type found in homes today. They are a little easier to place in your bathroom, and usually more economical with the initial cost. Although they are harder to clean, it is generally easier to find replacement parts with this design.

Wall-Mounted Toilets

A new option that some homeowners are considering is the wall-mounted unit. This design removes the need for a footing or base for the fixture. This option is ideal for people who need to do transfers in the bathroom, use a wheelchair, or get around using a walker. It must have a sturdy, thick wall to support the installation.

You will also need to have a wall drain instead of one in the floor if you choose this model. The installation costs are typically higher since homeowners need to change their existing plumbing to accommodate this design, but a new construction project could make it work easily enough. Wall-mounted units are also very easy to clean underneath.

Flushing System Types

There are three different flushing systems available in the top flushing toilets today: gravity, pressure-assist, and dual.

The standard gravity design is the one that most homeowners have in their bathroom right now. It uses a strong siphon with the force of gravity to create a flush that removes the waste particles from the home. These models are easy to clean, maintain, and repair when necessary. They also tend to cost less than the other types.

Pressure-assist flush designs use a mechanism within the tank of the fixture to create siphon action by incorporating air pressure into the flush. It offers more power, creating potent movement in the water as it swirls around the bowl to remove waste particles. Choose this flushing type if you are concerned about clogs happening in your bathroom.

Dual-flush designs typically offer a larger trapway to prevent clogging. They also provide two different flushes from which to choose, usually designated as a “1” and “2” on their levers or push-button activation. This design gives you the option to flush with only half of a tank of water, which can cut down on your water use. Most homeowners find that they need to clean this model a little more often to experience the best possible results.

Benefits of Getting the Choice Right

When you choose the best toilet for your bathroom, then you will have a comfortable fixture that can flush away all of the waste particles without requiring a second thought. It will work with your sewer or septic system, meet your spatial requirements, and look good while doing it too!

The more modern models will also help you to conserve the amount of water that you use in the bathroom every day. If you are replacing an older model, then you could reduce your consumption by up to 70% per flush.

Some die-hard homeowners might even choose a composting or portable model to reduce their water consumption even more.

Comfort is always a consideration as well. Although testing out a toilet before ordering one online can be tricky, you can visit a local store to get a sense of what height works best for your current needs. Then you can transition that knowledge into the top model that will work for your home.

Don’t write off a difference of an inch or two when shopping today.

Small differences can create significant changes, both upward and downward, that alter how useful this fixture will be in your home.

Features to Consider

A toilet does more than remove waste from your home. They also provide several unique features that will make this fixture serve your needs for years to come in a variety of ways.

That’s why a look at the modern features of the best toilets can help you to find a model that will meet your needs without making you go over-budget.

Which one of these options intrigues you the most today?

  • Automatic covers and seats that will open and close for you, along with slow-moving hinges that prevent slamming when this feature includes manual movement.
  • Flushing that occurs automatically so that you never have a bowl full of waste particles hanging around all day.
  • Heated seats that allow you to enjoy a comfortable experience when you first wake up in the morning.
  • Bidets that can also provide warm air to help you clean up and dry off if the paper feels a little scratchy to you.
  • LED bulbs with automatic activation so that you can see in your bathroom at night.
  • Self-cleaning features that reduce the amount of time and effort that goes into your maintenance efforts to keep the bowl looking brand-new throughout their life.

In the United States, all of the best toilets come with water-saving features to consider as well. Every product offers 1.6 gallons per flush, which is up to 2 gallons better than an old model with 10 years of experience in your bathroom. High-efficiency models begin at 1.28 gallons per flush, while dual-flush, composting, and portable models require even less.

Features to Avoid

The No. 1 feature to avoid with a modern toilet is a model which produces too much sound. You will find this issue more often with pressure-assisted flush designs than others because of the infusion of air that goes into the flushing process. It is possible to reduce the noise by closing the lid before flushing, but light sleepers might still be disturbed by the sound.

You will also want to choose a model which offers standard replacement parts. Although it can be fun to include a unique design from an international manufacturer, a fixture which contains customization will always cost more to fix when something breaks down. You might consider investing those funds into a better standard design with more of the must-have features that are available today.

Slamming lids are another issue to avoid with the modern designs thanks to the invention of slow-closing lids. An added benefit here is that an upgraded seat can sometimes be removable, which means your cleaning chores just got a lot easier.

Also remember your measurements when shopping for a commode for your home. If your fixture is too long or too high, then it could block some of your cabinets, your drawers, or even your door. If the seat is too tall, then you might need to purchase a stepping stool for your kids or shorter members of the family so that they can use it also.

Comparing Flushing Power & Eco-Options

When you start shopping the brands and models available today, you’ll discover there are several certifications that manufacturers use to describe the flushing power of their product. Each one is given its rating based on the ability to remove waste particles while resisting clogging.

Some products have a number-based score that will provide this information. Always look for the highest score possible to ensure that your toilet will have the flushing power that your home requires. Fairly simple, though you may also find products that are given Eco-Options Certification when shopping online. This option is awarded by the retail chain The Home Depot as a way to encourage people to shop for items that reduce water consumption.

WaterSense® certified models use up to 60% less water than those without certification. This certification comes from the Environmental Protection Agency. If you upgrade to a fixture with this option, then you can save up to $90 per year on your water/sewer bill.

Some communities offer a rebate, discount, or bill credit when you purchase and install a new WaterSense® rated model in your home. If your current model is at least 10 years old, then you will benefit from this feature.

All toilets currently sold in the United States may only use a maximum of 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This legislation was passed in 1992 as part of the Energy Star® program. If you have a model that was installed prior to this, then it might be using up to 7 gallons per flush!

The Water Research Foundation survey homeowners to determine if the toilets being used today met the efficiency criteria that was originally published in 1992. Only 37% of homes made the grade, although that is much higher than the 3% that homes were using in 1999.

If you install a high-efficiency model today when compared to an older model, the 1.28 gallons per flush could save you over $2,200 over the lifetime of your fixture in water costs. Upgrading to a water conservation design saves up to 13,000 gallons of water per year.

Fun Facts About the Porcelain Throne

Did you know that the average time a person spends in the bathroom is directly tied to the quality of their smartphone? When you have more apps and features to use on your mobile device, then the longer you sit going to the bathroom.

Although it might be fun to take a break at work to watch some Netflix in the bathroom, all of that extra time sitting can lead to strain-related injuries, including hernias and the formation of hemorrhoids. Actually, that’s not so fun.

Here are some additional fun facts about restroom use to think about as well!

  • There are more televisions available to households in Afghanistan than there are toilets.
  • The very first cubicle in a row is the one that is used the least often, which means it is usually the cleanest public restroom to use. (Until everyone reads this fun fact haha!)
  • Almost 40,000 people in the United States sustain an injury each year because they fell off of their toilet.
  • Your toilet seat is probably cleaner than the cutting board that you use in the kitchen.
  • 1 in 5 people does not wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. Of those that do, only 30% of them use soap.
  • About 7 million people drop their cell phones into the toilet each year.
  • Toilet paper has been on a roll since 1890, although some providers are experimenting with roll-less options once again.
  • Water doesn’t actually flow in the opposite direction when you cross the equator into a different hemisphere. The circulation of your flush depends on the placement of the jets inside your bowl and how water releases from the tank. Unfortunately, rather boring really.

When you start shopping for toilet, then you are adding one of the most important inventions in history to your bathroom. Thanks to this one fixture, we can manage parasites better, maintain a sanitary environment, and avoid the risks of contagious disease.

No matter what your budget might be, you will discover that the money spent will always be one of the best investments you could ever make.

Pricing and Cost

You will find that the best toilets come in a wide range of styles, features, and quality. That means the available price range is equally diverse. If you are looking for a useable fixture on a tight budget, then several manufacturers provide options that are priced below $200. These entry-level models typically have no features, and they may require you to purchase a seat separately as well. It is an affordable, no-frills experience.

If you can spend between $200 to $400 on your next unit, then you will begin to find more features and design options available. There are Comfort Height options available in this category as well.

Premium models can sell for upwards of $2,000. If you decide that the best option for your home is a custom fixture, then there is no upper limit on the price. Upflush models that offer flexibility for your plumbing are usually in the $1,000 to $1,500 range.

The range of choice makes it possible to find the right model that meets the needs of your bathroom and budget today. For more information, check out our detailed toilet reviews.

What Is the Absolute Best Model for Your Home?

There is no single design that anyone can name that would be the best product to add to your home. Every bathroom is a little different. Your preferences are also unique.

That’s why information is your best resource. When you know what designs, features, and sizes are available, then it becomes a lot easier to find a fantastic unit for your home.

Now is the time to make this upgrade. With today’s water-saving technologies, most homeowners find that a new unit will pay for itself over its lifetime compared to less efficient models.

Take a few moments, examine the best toilets on the market today, and then make the informed decision that will pay off for you for years to come. For more info and tips on finding the right buy for you check out our buying guide here.

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