Review: Reliance Products Hassock Portable Toilet

Review: Reliance Products Hassock Portable Toilet Matt Jenkins

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Do you want a cost-effective portable toilet that’s more than just a bucket, but not as advanced as a composting toilet? Are you looking for a design that will give you some measure of comfort, but also provide you with a hygienic experience! With the Hassock portable toilet from Reliance Products, you’ve got a lot of potential to have your needs met. Priced for less than $40 on Amazon right now, this is a very portable, lightweight toilet that offers an inner splashguard so that you won’t have to worry about something kicking back on you. It really is a good, economical experience!

What Kind of Features Does This Portable Toilet Have?

It’s always nice to see a manufacturer stand behind their product. With a 5 year warranty against craftsmanship errors or product defects, you’re definitely getting that with Reliance Products! Their comfort seat compliments this good experience and the design of the inner bucket makes it really easy to remove the waste. It utilizes the Double Doodie bag that is sold for all Reliance Products toilets and weighs just 5 pounds when it is empty.

There are also these additional features to consider with this toilet as well:

  • it offers a portable toilet paper carrier so that you can always be able to wipe while out in the woods;
  • the design is incredibly easy to clean, even if you have an emergency and can’t get a bad into the bucket in time; and
  • the lightweight flexibility of this portable toilet means you can pack in on your camping trip, install it in your RV, or just put it in your tent so you can stay warm on a cold night.

If you’re tired of using dirty public bathrooms when you’re out on a camping trip that are poorly maintained or you want something in your vehicle that can give you an emergency pit stop when a rest area isn’t close, then this is definitely the portable toilet for you!

Why Choose to Purchase the Hassock Portable Toilet?

There are two problems that people face with portable toilets: cleanliness and odor. The Hassock portable toilet from Reliance Products passes both tests quite easily! You won’t have to worry about cleaning waste off of any parts of this toilet because it goes into the waste bag you install. Didn’t install it? Just hose it out! With the two chamber system, the odors are almost completely eliminated as well and you don’t have to add any chemicals to make that happen.

You might consider adding some kitty litter or other odor absorbing material to the bottom of the storage bag if you’re thinking about a long-term storage. The one downer to owning this kind of toilet, however, are the bags. The fitted bags run for a couple dollars a piece, which can be somewhat cost prohibitive. Standard trash bags can work, but they don’t work as effectively.

If you’re looking for a way to have your own toilet when you’re having a big adventure in the great outdoors, then the Hassock portable toilet from Reliance Products will give you a good result. It’s affordable, it works, and it’s easy to clean – what more could you ask from it?

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