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Review: The TOTO Drake 2 Piece Toilet CST744SG#01

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Are you tired of toilets that seem to clog within the trap no matter what you do?

Are you looking for a toilet that can resist the colored build-ups that tend to happen throughout a week or two?

With the TOTO Drake 2-Piece toilet, you’ll receive a unit that has an elongated bowl design, a trap that resists clogs and comes equipped with SanaGloss.

What is SanaGloss? It’s an ion barrier glazing that cleans your toilet every time you flush it. That means you have fewer chores to do when it is time to create a fresher experience in your bathroom!


What Are the Features of the TOTO Drake?

The primary feature that we liked with this particular toilet was the fact that it has a larger flush valve than the standard toilet that is made today.

Most toilets come equipped with a 2-inch valve, but you’ll receive a 3-inch design on the TOTO Drake. This design means you’ll get faster flushes that use less water, giving you a better flushing experience from even an environmental perspective!

There are also these additional features to consider with this particular toilet.

  • It offers a side flushing handle instead of a front tank handle, lessening the risks of damaging it accidentally when sitting down.
  • The trip lever is chrome plated so that it resists the typical discoloration that you’ll see over time with toilets that have high-grade plastic trip levers.
  • This toilet is incredibly easy to install, whether you’re replacing an existing fixture or have a new installation going into your bathroom.

With the new water savings in toilets today, it’s so easy to get stuck double or even triple flushing sometimes. The TOTO gives you enough pressure not only to flush once and be done, but it will also power the flush through the more extensive trap that also has a SanaGloss finish.

This design creates a better home experience, requires fewer cleaning sessions to maintain it, and a better overall toilet experience.


Does the TOTO Drake Have Any Advantages?

The design of this particular toilet is its real advantage. You’ll find that you don’t have to stand by the unit holding the lever to get a full flush out of this one. You push it down once, and you’ll experience the roar of the water! Although it is a little louder than your average toilet with the increased water pressure, the benefit is clear: you flush, walk away, and don’t have to worry about the trap rejecting what you just cleaned!

If there were one place where this toilet could be improved, it would be in the height of the toilet rim. The Drake puts you nice and close to the water, which can be an unpleasant experience at times when there is splashing involved.

A thicker seat could improve this problem somewhat, which is up to you to purchase because it does not come with this toilet.

Overall, however, you’ll find that the TOTO Drake two-piece toilet will give you a healthy flush consistently. It is a fixture which we highly recommend.


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