When Is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Toilet?

If you find yourself in the market for a new toilet, then knowing when you can purchase one at a great price will help you to save some cash. Although you cannot always control when you might need a new model, there are some proactive steps you can take to prevent the expense from being too unreasonable.

The first option to consider when money is the primary factor is the “contractor special.” These cheap toilets will get the job done for a budget-friendly price. Most will cost between $50 to $100. There may be issues with glazing in the unit, and you might find yourself replacing the internal mechanisms right away, but there isn’t a cheaper approach in the industry right now than this option.

If you can spend a little more, an entry-level gravity toilet with beneficial glazing will cost about $100 all year long.

Can I Save Money by Purchasing a Toilet on Black Friday?

Although there are some retailers and manufacturers that will discount their toilets on Black Friday, the savings usually occurs on the high-end models that might be out of your price range already.

The savings is typically minimal for these sales events, with perhaps a 20% discount possible on some of the most expensive models.

If you are planning to complete a bathroom remodeling project in the next 12 months, then these momentary savings opportunities can help you save a few hundred dollars on some toilet models.

When your plans are for a standard toilet, then you may find that it is more convenient to purchase the unit when you’re ready to do the work instead of having it shipped to you to hold onto it until you’re ready to proceed.

Unwritten Rules to Follow When Upgrading a Toilet

1. Colored toilets make it more challenging to sell a home in the future. People are more willing to compromise on the shape or height of the unit. That means you should avoid designer hues whenever possible.

2. If you purchase a custom toilet for your bathroom remodeling project, then there is an excellent chance that all your parts will also be customized. Pay attention to the cost of a replacement toilet seat before you finalize the purchase. If it costs more than $50 to replace it, then you can probably find a cheaper toilet out there.

3. Cushioned toilet seats are nice to have at times, but they also struggle to age gracefully. They can crack, pinch, or make fun sounds when you sit on them, which isn’t usually a positive experience for the average person.

4. If you require a toilet that offers pressure assistance, then pay attention to the noise ratings of the product. The decibels of the flush can be quite loud on these models. Waking up the entire family to complete a flush is never a fun experience.

For even more advice and tips, check out our comprehensive toilet buying guide. When you plan in advance for your purchase, a new toilet can work pretty easily into your budget.

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