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Review: The Luggable Loo

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When you need something to help you go when you’re on the go, your options are sometimes limited.

If you’re on a tight budget, then your options are limited even further because many portable toileting systems cost several hundred dollars at the minimum. What are you going to do?

You’re going to take a look at the Luggable Loo! Although this is just your standard 5-gallon pail that offers a comfortable, molded toilet seat on top of it, you will get it for an economical price.


Why Choose a Pail Over a Toilet?

Although the marketing efforts for this product are calling it a portable toilet, let’s be honest and call it like it is. It’s a loo bucket.

The design is simple because you’re snapping a lid on top of a 5-gallon bucket that has a seat you can close on it to prevent odors from escaping if you don’t have the chance to dump the bucket out right away.

If you like to go fishing, it’s a good thing to take with you out on the boat, especially small boats that don’t have a hunt.

Hunting, camping, or anything out in the woods could benefit from having this product as well. Disaster preparedness might also include this kind of product so that you don’t have to fill up your toilets with waste and then wonder where you’re going to find the water to flush that waste down.

The lid snaps into place and then clicks off when it’s time to dump the bucket. And you can hose it out when you are done with your duty.

If you are thinking about the Luggable Loo, we highly recommend you consider an additional product: the human doggie bags that are available to fit into the 5-gallon pail. This design will let you quickly and hygienically dispose of the waste that you generate.


Does the Luggable Loo Give You Any Advantages?

Outside of being a $20 portable toilet, the design of this bucket and lid system is rather simple, yet still ingenious. It prevents you from sliding off of a 5-gallon bucket that doesn’t have a seat, gives you a small amount of comfort, but won’t give you cushions that can fill up with waste if the bucket is jostled in the wrong way.

Although it does have a lid, you’re not going to want to transport any waste over a long period or distance. It is going to splash out on you once the waste reaches a certain point, especially if you’re putting liquid waste into the bucket. Here’s a pro tip: if you line the bucket first with plastic and then put kitty litter at the bottom of it, you’ll be able to absorb many of the odors that the waste can generate over time.

Over time, the seat on the Luggable Loo can wear out, especially if it is used repetitively. Outside of that issue, you’ll receive a standard bucket toileting system that can help you go somewhere when there isn’t a bathroom around for miles.

For some, that’s a benefit that is absolutely needed. If that is you, then you should consider all of the pros and cons of the Luggable Loo today because it could be an effective solution.

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