Review: The Camco Portable Toilet

Review: The Camco Portable Toilet Matt Jenkins

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Do you want a portable toilet that will give you the safety and security you need to stay away from your waste? Are you looking for something that is built to be sturdy, yet still economical for most budgets today? With the Camco portable toilet, you’re going to be getting 5.3 gallons of storage space that will hold a surprisingly large amount of waste! Although there aren’t separate tanks that can be accessed in this particular model, you do get a design that will unlock the waste tank from the toilet for easy disposal.

You’ll also be able to grab this portable toilet from a website like Amazon for less than $70. Want something smaller? There’s also a 2.6 gallon version available for extra portability.

What Kind of Features Are Found On This Portable Toilet?

We really enjoyed the fact that there is a sealing slide valve lock incorporated on the design of this particular toilet. That’s the secret to this toilet’s success! You simply slide the latch off to remove the tank and then slide it back on to seal it up once again. This eliminates the leakage that other portables can sometimes have and stops a vast majority of the odors you’ll experience as well.

There are also these additional features to consider with the Camco portable toilet as well:

  • this portable toilet utilized a bellow type of flushing mechanism with a pull slide valve so that it is incredibly easy to use;
  • the toilet is lightweight enough that it can be taken virtually anywhere sit it weighs just 11 pounds when it is empty; and
  • the bowl is deep enough to prevent a lot of the splashback that can occur on these small portable toilets that are on the market today.

Although the slide mechanism is quite handy, it can also be quite frustrating. It tends to stick at times, usually at the most inopportune time because you’ve got a full reservoir and you need to go! We recommend putting some sort of lubricant on the latch that won’t corrode it. Some have suggested WD-40, but any food grade oil would work equally well in order to maintain the latch.

Here’s What You Need to Know About This Toilet…

One of the issues we noticed with this toilet is that condensation from the waste can begin to build-up along the outside of it at times. This can be avoided by using chemical additives that are added to these portable toilets to break down the waste somewhat, but don’t use standard chemicals like bleach to do it. You’ll compromise the integrity of the toilet over time and that could create a catastrophic failure of epic proportions!

Overall this is a small toilet that is portable and incredibly easy to clean. It fits into tight spots, works pretty well, and gets the job done. Be careful with that latch over time, be proactive in its care, and you’ll find that the Camco portable toilet could be one of the best purchases that you’ve ever made!

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