Review: The Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model

Review: The Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model Matt Jenkins

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Are you looking for an affordable toilet that is portable enough that you can take it along on your next camping trip? Do you want something that is lightweight, yet efficient enough that you won’t have to risk contamination because you’re carrying around your waste as you go backpacking out in the backwoods? The Sanitation Equipment Visa potty model offers a leak-free, odor-free seal so that you won’t have to worry about any leaks escaping. Holding over 6 gallons of waste, you’ll find this great product for less than $100 right now on Amazon.

What Kind of Features Does This Portable Toilet Have?

If you’ve ever had a portable toilet in the past, then you know how infuriating they can be. They can be so difficult to access that it makes digging a dirt toilet a better proposition! The quick release latches on this toilet, however, make maintaining this portable item a simple and easy chore, but not so easy that you’ll accidentally trip the releases while you’re transporting the unit. This creates an efficient experience that replicates a home-based toilet in virtually every way.

There’s also these additional features to consider with this portable toilet:

  • it offers a multiple flush water reservoir so that you won’t have to worry about stuck-on waste getting in the way;
  • a piston-type flushing system offers traditional toilet functionality with the portability that this particular toilet provides; and
  • there is a two directional rinse that is provided with this toilet’s flushing mechanism design so that the high-gloss smooth surface can be cleaned with every flush.

You could take a 5 gallon pail with you into the woods and cut a swimming noodle so that it fits around the lid… or you could spend a little extra and take a toilet that keeps the waste away from you while giving you a traditional experience. That’s why this portable toilet is such a great investment!

Why Choose the Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model?

The primary advantage that comes with this specific toilet is that you get a lot of extra water storage in addition to the holding tank. It holds 3.7 gallons of water that can be used to accommodate flushing which means you’ll get about 4 full flushes with each tank fill-up. Because the holding tank holds almost double this amount, you’ll get the extra capacity that you need. It’s only 14.5 inches wide and has a depth of 16.5 inches, making it small and compact, and it weighs just 12 pounds when empty.

The one improvement that could be made with this toilet is that it must be used on a flat, firm surface in order to work properly. If you’ve got it installed in an RV and you’re parked on a slight incline, then you could find some issues with this particular toilet. Having the spout that pours out the waste be integrated into the design would also be a preference.

Overall, however, the experience that you’ll receive with this portable toilet will give you the flexibility that you need and the flushing power that you want for a price that you’re going to like. That’s why we recommend this particular toilet.

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