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Review: Kohler Highline Comfort Height Toilet

Most homes today feature a 12-inch rough-in because that has become the standard for building codes. That makes it easy to shop for a brand-new toilet – unless you have an older home which followed a different set of construction rules. That’s why the Kohler Highline comfort height toilet has a unique advantage over most other fixtures today.

It offers a 10-inch rough-in instead, giving homeowners an opportunity to improve the efficiency of their water use with modern technologies without completely changing how their toilet, drain, and sewer or septic system work together to remove waste particles from the home.

When you choose this toilet, you will be upgrading to a model that features 1.28 GPF. It also includes the manufacturer’s Class 5® flushing technology that works to break up bulk waste for a consistent flushing experience.


Notes About the Kohler Highline

  • You will not receive the supply lines that may be necessary to finish the installation of this toilet in the box. They are available online or at your local hardware or DIY store.
  • The toilet seat does not come with the Kohler Highline comfort height toilet either.
  • The manufacturer designed this toilet to have three pre-installed tank bolts, which saves a surprising amount of time during the installation process (assuming your bathroom is setup to accept this configuration.
  • When you sit down on this model, the action is comparable to sitting in any standard chair. There is not a sensation of “falling” as you move downward as there may be with other toilets.
  • It features a canister flush valve that will provide a powerful flush that minimizes the risk of experience a clog, even if you have a full bowl that needs to go down the drain.


User Experience of the Kohler Highline

The design of this unit is friendly on top, but not necessarily on the bottom when you need to clean the toilet. You have an exposed trapway that creates “pockets” where liquid or debris can get caught on the outside of the fixture. You will want to be proactive about disinfecting this area after installation, especially if there are young children in your home.

Instead of a defined square for the tank, Kohler designed this model to offer more of a “slant’ on each side. That makes the lever easier to access because there isn’t an awkward wrap-around reach that you’re forced to do to engage the mechanism. It also flushes away from you as you sit, which reduces the risk of an accidental trigger.

Despite the high-efficiency design, the Kohler Highline comfort height toilet does an excellent job of flushing most items. It struggles a little if you fill the bowl up with toilet paper, but that was the only time a clog ever formed during use. It offers an exceptional value in function, operation, and aesthetics.

If you need a basement toilet installed, have a bathroom remodel you’re doing, or have a shorter rough-in than standard for any other reason, then this is the toilet you will want to own. It gets the job done with every flush.

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