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Review: Kohler Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet

There are times when gravity does an excellent job of flushing away the waste particles from your home. Then there are the moments when the placement of the bathroom or your connection to the sewer line or septic system require a little help to create a positive experience. With the Kohler Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet, you will receive 30 PSI of assistance through a regulator positioned at the bottom of the tank to ensure your flush is as effective as possible with every activation.

What is truly unique about this model from Kohler is that it is essentially a tank that is within another one to create an insulated design. If your well water is cold or the municipal supply is substantially different than your indoor environment, then it is not unusual for toilets to begin “sweating” from the condensation. That issue is not present when you choose this toilet.


Features to Consider with the Kohler Highline Classic

Outside of the pressure assistance that you receive with this model, the Kohler Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet provides these additional features that may be beneficial to your home.

  • It offers a 1.4 GPF experience that provides a nice compromise between the minimum standards in the United States and a high-efficiency toilet.
  • The elongated bowl provides an extra layer of comfort that makes using the product pleasant instead of stressful.
  • There is a left-handed trip lever included with the design to ensure that you have accessibility from almost any angle.

When you sit down on this toilet, the experience is similar to sitting in any other chair that you would have in the home. Although that may be a little too tall for some consumers, it tends to be the correct height for the “average” adult.

The seat and the supply line are not included in the box, and they must be purchased separately to complete the installation if you do not have them already present in your home.


User Experience of the Kohler Highline Classic

The Kohler Highline Classic Pressure Lite Toilet looks and feels like the models that you would expect to find in any bathroom. Although the base of the unit can be a little challenging to clean if you have a tight installation space, the overall look and feel of the fixture is traditional in almost any definition of the world.

You do need to have at least 20 PSI in your lines to ensure that the pressure flushing feature of the toilet activates as it should. Because you are adding more power to the flush, we feel like this model is slightly noisier than the average fixture, although it is comparable to other pressure-assisted models from other manufacturers.

We feel that this toilet is very efficient at what it does. The inner pressure tank holds the water, which may be the best advantage of this design because it reduces the amount of grime that forms between the bowl and the tank with its minimal condensation. You may find the cost to be a little more than an entry-level model, but we feel that this Kohler toilet is worth the investment.

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