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Review: TOTO Drake II Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

If you want to have a high-efficiency toilet installed in your home, then you have several options available in today’s market. Numerous manufacturers are moving toward a design that features an effective 1.28 GPF experience, even though the federal standard in the United States is currently 1.6 GPF. The TOTO Drake II Two-Piece elongated toilet offers one of the most effective and affordable experiences for consumers today thanks to the unique technologies that the manufacturer has incorporated into its design.

There are three elements to consider when looking at the TOTO Drake II two-piece elongated toilet for your bathroom.

  • The CEFIONTECT glaze that the manufacturer incorporates with this design allows the bowl to prevent waste particles from sticking, giving you an effective flush each time you engage the lever.
  • There is “tornado flush” technologies incorporated into the design as well, delivering powerful water movements without the need to worry about holes in the rim that can become clogged with scale over time.
  • It will also work with the manufacturer’s soft-close seat, although you will need to purchase that item separately if you decide that this model meets your needs.


What Is the User Experience of the TOTO Drake II?

The TOTO Drake II two-piece elongated toilet offers users an ADA-compliant model with its comfort height design. When you measure the height of the bowl from the floor after the installation, it is roughly 16 1/4 inches, which then puts you into the lower end of the compliance window for commercial applications.

You will need to purchase a wax ring, a new hose for the water supply, and the bolts that are necessary to secure the toilet to the floor. You do receive color-matched bolt caps to complete the installation process.

Clogging is an issue of the past when you choose this toilet for your home as well. Although you will not want to throw away your plunger or auger just yet, you will discover that the effective design of this model will create a low-maintenance solution. All you need to do to maintain the unit most weeks is to give it a light cleaning inside and out.


How to Take Care of Your New TOTO Toilet

One of the most significant complaints that consumers have about the TOTO Drake II two-piece elongated toilet is that the glazing seems to wear off over time, preventing waste particles from being flushed with the water movement. We found that most cleaners you would use for the bathroom will slowly degrade the surface until it no longer functions as it should. You must treat the glaze as if it were a non-stick pan, realizing that each scrape you make becomes one less that the toilet can take.

Outside of that one small maintenance issue, we feel like this toilet is an excellent example as to why TOTO is an industry leader. It is convenient, effective, and will take your bathroom experience to the next level once you complete its installation.

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