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Review: The Kohler San Raphael Comfort Height Toilet

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Do you want a low-profile toilet that will create a modern, stylish look for your bathroom?

Are you looking for a fixture that will give you a lot of water conservation with every flush, yet be strong enough to be your first toilet?

With seven distinct finishes, the Kohler San Raphael comfort height toilet will give you everything you want! It’s slim enough to work in a half bathroom if needed, yet still offers enough power to get even the toughest jobs done.


What Are the Features of the Kohler San Raphael?

The primary feature on this toilet is the Pressure Lite flushing technology that it uses to reduce water consumption. It gives you an excellent circular flow rate that gets the elongated bowl clean, yet only uses 1 gallon per flush. Even with the low water use, the toilet is designed to be comfortable enough for a majority of users, and it meets ADA specifications for seat height.

There are also these specific features to consider with the Kohler San Raphael as well.

  • It has a one-piece configuration that makes installing it with the 12-inch rough-in a reasonably simple task.
  • The amount of water that you’ll save throughout the installation will help this toilet pay for itself in many circumstances for the year.
  • The lid of the seat on the San Raphael offers an automatic closing so you won’t have to worry about the toilet lid slamming down ever again.

It’s true that the lower water use will make it difficult for some things to get flushed down, namely wads of toilet paper with this particular toilet.

Although that may be inconvenient at first, we’ve found there are ways to adapt, such as transitioning to wipes or even using a bidet to resolve this issue. Either way, the amount of water you use will be significantly reduced.


Is There an Advantage to Owning the Kohler San Raphael?

The primary advantage of owning this toilet is the fact that it is so easy to maintain. Cleaning it is a simple process, and since it sits higher than the average model does, there’s less reach involved during the chore.

The elongated bowl does mean there is more of a surface area that needs to be maintained, but overall the experience of using this toilet is rather beneficial and will help those in water conservation areas to experience some tremendous savings.

For those who aren’t used to using a low water toilet, the experience can be a bit cumbersome, especially at first. Paper products are generally the biggest concern, but larger items can require more than one flush as well.

If there were one thing we’d change in this toilet’s design, however, it would be how the unit resets itself. It’s a little loud compared to other toilets, especially at this price point, and that can be a bit cumbersome in some homes.

Overall, however, this toilet has a lot of good things going for it, and it provides a household with the cost-effect solution needed for a beautiful bathroom oasis.

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