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Review: TOTO Promenade II Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

There is a certain design standard that seems to apply to every toilet that is available these days. Whether it is a one-piece design or a standard two-piece model, each unit seeks to minimize each feature to conserve space while creating rounded edges that are simple to clean. The TOTO Promenade II Two-Piece Elongated toilet bucks that trend by offering a combination of classic and modern style to give your bathroom the unique look that it deserves.

This model from TOTO is ADA-compliant with its bowl height, has WaterSense® certification as well, and it is CEC and CALGreen compliant too. That means you will receive an excellent toilet if you decide to invest in this model.


Features of the TOTO Promenade II

Like most of the models offered by this manufacturer today, the TOTO Promenade II two-piece elongated toilet provides a tornado-like flushing mechanism that swirls bowl water quickly using a jet-like dispenser that emerges from three different points on the unit to create much more momentum than a single-entry point. The force then creates an effective flush thanks to the CEFIONTECT glaze that coats the bowl to prevent sticking.

You will notice that instead of a standard lever like you would see on most toilets, the Promenade II comes equipped with more of a decorative control that fits the overall style of the unit. It is just as easy to use as any other trigger or button that you can find in the industry today, but there are also some spatial requirements to think about because of how it sits.

Outside of the decorative elements, the other features that you experience with this model are similar to what the manufacturer provides with the Drake II. It stays cleaner than most other toilets for a longer time, offers a straightforward design for its internal hardware, and is relatively simple to install.


User Experience of the TOTO Promenade II

When you begin to use the TOTO Promenade II two-piece elongated toilet, you will discover that it checks all of the boxes that you want to have for your home. The design itself is comfortable to use, providing virtually all users with a stress-free user experience that goes easy on your joints. It flushes almost everything very well, requires little attention, and is simple to clean.

This model works with the standard 12-inch rough-in. You’ll then get to save water with every flush when compared to the older models that it might replace.

The water height in the bowl is also nice, even though this model is a high-efficiency product. You will not feel like there is a need to hit a specific point when using the restroom to avoid cleaning up a mess later.

If you are looking for a model that will add an element of luxury to your bathroom without compromising on function, then the TOTO Promenade II two-piece elongated toilet is the perfect unit to consider. It flushes well, looks great, and is exceptionally user-friendly.

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