Let Your Pants Down in the World’s 7 Best Toilets

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use the best toilets in the world? Then all you need to do is travel to one of these locations to let your pants down.

  1. Tokyo, Japan: The Park Hyatt

You can always find an excellent toilet when you take a trip to Japan. Make your way over to The Park Hyatt to receive an out-of-this-world experience. You’ll find luxury off-the-scale here, with robotic toilets helping make sure that you are fresh and clean in every possible way.

  1. London, England: The Attendant

You’ll let your pants down in a different way when you visit this café, either for breakfast or afternoon tea. You’ll be sitting at an old Victorian-era public toilet while you enjoy some tiny sandwiches. Don’t forget to pay homage to the spirit of Thomas Crapper while you’re there.

  1. Chongqing, China: Yangrenjie

It’s notable because you will be dropping your pants in the world’s largest public bathroom. There are over 1,000 facilities from which to choose! Take your pick for the best experience. You can have a dragon-like crocodile thing look like it’s trying to consume your privates, choose a toilet that looks like it has human legs, or go in the face of a Pharaoh.

  1. New Glarus, WI: Glarner Stube

Travel to America’s Little Switzerland to say that you’ve used the largest urinal in the Midwest. Whether or not that is true is up for debate. What you can do is drop your pants from at least 6 feet away and still pee correctly into the porcelain. That’s got to be some sort of an accomplishment.

  1. Jerudong, Brunei: Empire Hotel

Here’s an interesting question for you. When you see the marble floors, the gilt fixtures, and even the indoor swimming pool, you’ll feel like a king enjoying the best luxury offered in the world today. Why then, you might ask, is the shower stall using frosted glass, but not the toilet area?

  1. Paris, France: Centre Pompidou

This museum features the best moments of the early 20th-century anti-art movement. Wander through the exhibits to find some amazing pieces, like a snow shovel or a bottle rack. Then make your way over to the glass case which features a urinal laying on its side. Take a picture with it if you wish. After all, you paid almost twenty dollars to see it.

  1. Selcuk, Turkey: Ruins of Ephesus

There isn’t a better-preserved classical city on that side of the Mediterranean. Over 250,000 people once called it home. The terraced houses were the best place to use the bathroom when needed, especially since the piping systems allowed for flushing – and this was over 2,000 years ago. You’ll pay extra to visit this portion of the ruins, but it is so worth it to pop a squat where one of your ancient ancestors once had to pee too.

Have you encountered some incredible bathrooms over the years during your travels? Which ones are your favorites that didn’t make this list? If you’re looking for your own amazing toilet check out our reviews over here.

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