Review: The Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Attachment

Review: The Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Attachment Matt Jenkins

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Do you want an affordable away to get a fresh feeling after every time yo use the bathroom? Are you looking for a simple installation process that will have you up and running in just minutes? The Astor Bidetoffers a better hygienic option than toilet paper alone because it uses fresh water to clean you up after you’ve spend some time with your favorite toilet friend. It won’t rust, doesn’t really discolor over time, and is free from electricity so you won’t have to worry about getting zapped in a sensitive space! Best of all, you’ll be able to grab this portable bidet on Amazon today for less than $30.

What Makes the Astor Bidet Stand Out?

The best feature about this particular bidet is that the spray nozzle of the bidet retracts when the device is turned to the off position. This creates a higher level of sanitation because there is less risk of the nozzle interacting with the waste in the toilet. It does this automatically, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to get it out of the way.

There’s also these additional features to consider when using this product as well:

  • there is a low and a high setting so that each user can have the unique spraying experience with which they are comfortable;
  • it installs easily between the rim and the toilet seat of any two-piece toilet with just the use of a standard screwdriver; and
  • the design of the Astor Bidet allows it to work on water pressure alone.

You also can’t go wrong with the 1 year warranty that is provided by the manufacturer. The bidet is made from a high quality plasic, won’t rust, is easy to clean when necessary, and won’t leak when it is properly installed. All in all, this is a product that provides each user with an outstanding value!

Why Choose This Bidet?

It’s all about the combination of form and function with the Astor Bidet. Although it won’t fit onto every toilet, especially those that have limited space, it will provide you with a good bidet experience at this price point. Make sure that you pull out the nozzle extension the first couple times you use it so that it can get the automatic motions working. You’ll probably want to do this after the installation and not after you’ve had to go to the bathroom!

Because the bidet works on your home’s water pressure, the individual experiences with this product are going to vary. It is entirely possible for a high water pressure home to create an uncomfortable experience with this product on a high setting, while a low water pressure home may get no results at all unless the device is set on high. Consider your home’s setup as you shop for bidets to avoid an unpleasant result.

Overall, at this price point, you’re not going to find a better return on the value that you’re going to receive with this product. If you’re looking to add a bidet to your bathroom, then we highly recommedn the Astor Bidet today.

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