Toilets Designed for Large Stools

You’re eating well, lots of fiber, maybe lots of meat or plant-based stuff. Once your body has absorbed all those nutrients, what’s left can be a bit… umm… big. Will it flush? Oh god, the stains. Please don’t let it clog!

If you, or a family member, regularly has large stools you should consider finding a toilet that can actually handle the job.

The idea of having a large stool floating around in your bowl isn’t a laughing matter. Even if those massive logs do make their way during a flush, there is an excellent chance that a portion of it (if not the entire thing) will get stuck in the trap. If it gets a chance to dry out there, you could discover the worst clog ever.

When you’re dealing with an oversized situation in your toilet bowl, then there are two features above any other that you will want to consider.

  1. The amount of pressure that the toilet can produce during flushing.
  2. The speed of the water that goes through the bowl to clean it.

Here are the brands that you’ll want to look at first because they typically offer the best combination of these features with the modern toilet.


American Standard Series Toilets

Although some of the models from this brand are manufactured in Mexico, there is no denying the value proposition that you’ll find with these toilets. They offer a traditional design, a high-flow output, and an affordable price. There are several models in this series which are priced under $200 consistently.


Toto G-Max Toilets

There are two models that you’ll find from this Japanese manufacturer of toilets that will help to take care of the extra waste found in your bowl. The Drake toilet offers a look that feels modern with its round style and smooth exterior. If you want a unit that looks formal and traditional, then the Promenade will give you the classic look you want. These toilets can retail above $300 most of the time, but it will rarely clog on you – even with the largest stools floating around in them.


Kohler Toilets

If you’re dealing with large stools and you happen to be on a septic system, then consider either the Cimarron or Santa Rosa model when shopping for a new toilet. Both options feature the high-flow and pressure rates that you need to break up those logs into something that is more manageable for your system. These models also provide a classic look and feel that will help to add value to any bathroom remodeling project. You’ll find prices ranging from around $200 to $500, depending on the exact features that you want.


Danze Toilets

A final option to consider for those large toilets is the Orrington model from this brand. It features a white exterior with brass accents that will make maintenance easy and flushing reliable.

As a reminder: if you’re shopping for a new toilet, some models come with a seat and others do not. Make sure that you take a moment to confirm this feature before checking out to prevent an unpleasant surprise in the coming days. Then you’ll be able to flush those large stools with no dramas whatsoever.

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