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Review: TOTO Ultramax Elongated One-Piece Toilet

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Do you want a toilet that is incredibly easy to clean, maintain, and install?

Are you looking for a toilet that will give you a high level of dependability, even as it works hard to flush quietly for you as well?

Some toilets announce to the whole world that you’ve had a successful bowel movement, but not the TOTO Ultramax. This elongated one-piece toilet offers users an enhanced quiet thanks to its G-Max flushing system, has SanaGloss to help keep the fixture clean and provides a wonderfully compact design with a 12-inch rough-in that lets you install it with ease.

There’s also the fact that you can save 40% on the MSRP of this toilet by shopping on Amazon. What else does this toilet provide?


The TOTO Ultramax Has Some Amazing Features

Part of the reason why the TOTO Ultramax works so well is that it has improved the design of both the trap and the flushing valve. The trap is a computer designed, SanaGloss glazed trap that offers 2 1/8 inches of space for the toughest masses to get through without clogging, staining your toilet, or leaving a residue that can send odors back your way. You also have a flushing valve that is 3 inches in size, giving you extra flushing power over today’s standard, entry-level toilets.

There are some more features to consider with this elongated Ultramax toilet too:

  • This toilet offers a seat height of 15 inches, so it is suitable for most households, including those with small children.
  • It provides users with a commercial grade flushing system, even though it also works to reduce the amount of water that is used on every flush.
  • The Ultramax gives users a more abundant water surface with its elongated design, so there is a better sanitary experience every time.

It’s not always easy to get excited about toilets, but it’s hard not to smile at the benefits the TOTO Ultramax can provide a home. With a chrome plated lever that resists wear and tear and TOTO’s SoftClose technology on the seat providing an all-around quieter experience even when the toilet seat gets drops, this toilet has a lot of value that it offers at this particular price point.


Is There an Advantage To Owning This TOTO Toilet?

The best part about owning the TOTO Ultramax is that it is incredibly easy to install. Top tightening mounting bolts make the entire process simple and straightforward, while the siphon system of flushing gives you a more powerful result when compared to the traditional rim streamers that you’ll see in many toilets today. Add in the Polypropylene that makes this toilet resistant to your cleaning chemicals when they are needed, and you’ll have a quality experience!

The SanaGloss does throw some consumers for a loop. It is a better system than typical porcelain because it seals up many of the pores in the material that can trap stains and odors. It isn’t wholly stain-resistant, but it is better than a standard entry-level toilet. It is a very efficient model that offers 1.6 gallons of flushing power and allows for a comfortable user experience.

If you’re looking for the best new toilet, the TOTO Ultramax Elongated edition has a lot of value to offer.

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