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Review: The TOTO Ultramax One Piece Toilet

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Do you want an all-in-one design for your toilet so that it is easier to install?

Do you want a toilet for your home that can give you a commercial level of flushing for an economical price? With the TOTO Ultramax, you’ve got a lot of options to make this toilet entirely your own.

It comes with an elongated bowl if you want, a round option as well, and this toilet offers four finishes from which you can choose to compliment your bathroom. It is a fantastic deal that is a steal for your home today.


What Are the Features of the TOTO Ultramax?

The primary feature of this toilet is the fact that it is powerful, yet still quiet. You won’t get blown away from the decibels of water flowing through this toilet when you flush it, which is nice because who wants to announce to the whole world that you’ve successfully had a bowel movement, right?

With the 3-inch flush valve, you’ll also get a powerful flush that is still water-efficient, so you’ll be able to reduce your double duty.

There are also these additional features to consider:

  • The bowl rim height is above 14 inches, which is just high enough to still be comfortable, yet low enough that you won’t feel like you have to climb up to the seat to use it.
  • The trap of this toilet has been computer designed to improve its flow, and glazing is along the entire trap so that you reduce the chances for clogging.
  • With the one-piece design, the installation of the TOTO Ultramax is easily one of the best toilet installs you’ll ever have done.

This toilet is particularly fantastic for families with small kids. If there’s one thing that little kids love to do, it is flush strange things down the toilet to see what happens!

The trap of the Ultramax is 2 1/8 inches wide, which means fewer things are going to get stuck as they go down. On the flip side, there won’t be stuff coming back you either!


What Are the Advantages of the TOTO Ultramax?

The real advantage that you’ll get with this toilet is the high gloss Polypropylene that was used in its construction. This finish makes the fixture resistant to the fading that chemicals and cleaners use to remove the stains that inevitably develop within a toilet.

Although you’ll want to avoid the toilet cleaners that contain sulfuric acid when cleaning the Ultramax, it will stand up to a lot of cleaning and a lot of action without wearing out.

The only real downside to this toilet is if you have to use it to replace one that isn’t water efficient. There is a definite change over from the older models to the newer ones, but the Ultramax does its best through the design improvements to meet water limitation regulations without requiring a triple flush on something grand.

If you’re looking for a reliable toilet that can get the job done for a fair price, the TOTO Ultramax can do that for you consistently. Because of these advantages, this toilet receives one of our strongest recommendations.

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