Who’s a Good Boy? Using, not Drinking from the Toilet

If you have a dog that refuses to go outside when they need to use the bathroom, then training them to use the toilet is a viable alternative.

Although most veterinarians discourage the idea of training a pet to perform a behavior outside of their norms, there are times when it does make sense. Some dogs even like to use the toilet!

The primary consideration to think about here if your dog needs to be toilet trained is the size of your bowl. Instead of opting for a round model, choose an elongated product for your best friend. The sides are somewhat narrower, which makes it easier for them to purchase on the sides as they go to the bathroom.

You will also want to choose a model which offers a scratch-resistant surface. Those puppy nails can do a surprising amount of damage on an entry-level toilet!


How to Potty Train Your Dog

The first step that you must take when potty training your puppy is to watch for the signs that they need to use the bathroom. Most dogs will sniff and fidget for a minute or two before they relieve themselves. Some will start pacing or whining as well.

Look for circling actions as a behavior. This sign is a sure indicator that they’re about to use the bathroom! Keep a constant vigil during this time because you’ll have fewer accidents to clean up.

Start by choosing the bathroom as the place they relieve themselves first. Place their training pads on the floor next to the toilet. This structure will provide them with an association that when it is time to go, they need to head toward the toilet.


Adding a Cue Can be Helpful as Well

Some puppies can be trained to go to the bathroom on command. There are moments when your furry friend will need to use the toilet at a specific time, like when you’re about to go to bed or taking a long road trip. This training process begins when they are a puppy too.

When you take them to the toilet, always use the same command for the process. Something simple, like “toilet,” becomes understandable when you practice it enough. Then your dog will associate the word with the need to use the bathroom.

There is one downside to this training option. Dogs who learn to use a toilet may not be comfortable relieving themselves outside. That could be problematic for you if there isn’t a bathroom they can use somewhere.

It is also essential to remember that accidents are going to happen when you are potty training a puppy. Don’t get angry with your pet. Offer them praise whenever they do something correctly instead. Puppies aren’t going to understand why you are upset. They will become fearful of your behaviors instead, making it more challenging to get through the training process.

Find a toilet with a 19-inch elongated bowl for the best possible results. Choose one with self-cleaning features. Then use a model that offers a high level of scratch resistance to have a successful experience.

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