When Is an Upflush Toilet Necessary?

If you have a discharge issue with your home’s plumbing, then you might benefit from the installation of an upflush toilet. This technology makes it possible to place a complete bathroom anywhere in your home without going through an expensive structural change.

Most homes don’t even need to have custom piping installed to benefit from this technology.

Why Choose an Upflush Toilet?

You can install a regular toilet if you have the plumbing for it already in place. Sometimes that is still the best way to go.

There are times when choosing an upflush toilet is the better solution. Here are the most common situations where this technology would offer superior results compared to the traditional flushing models.

  • There are not any underground drain lines that can support your new toilet.
  • You want to keep your house intact while you are working on a remodeling project.
  • You want to have an extra bathroom quickly.
  • There is a need for a temporary toilet now, but you expect that issue to disappear at some point in the future.

Although you will pay a little more to purchase, the cost of the overall project is pretty much the same. It can even be cheaper if you’d need to rework your plumbing as part of a bathroom remodeling project.

It can take up to a week to install a toilet when there are no lines running to it. You can have an upflush toilet installed in just hours instead. Even if you want to create an entirely new bathroom with this technology, you can make that happen with a professional contractor in a day or two.


What Is Needed?

You don’t need much for an excellent upflush toilet. All that is necessary is a source of water, electricity, and the placement of a 3/4-inch to 1-inch discharge pipe. Then you’ll need someone who has some plumbing knowledge to complete the work for you.

The benefits of using this design are immediate. There is no need to break up your floor, drop a ceiling, or purchase custom equipment. You get a toilet where it makes the most sense to have one. Some models can even work with a shower or a sink to give you extra benefits through one installation.


What Are the Best Upflush Toilets Currently Available?

If you’re shopping now or in the future, then Saniflo is the primary brand that you’ll want to look at today. Although there are other makes and models which are available, this brand has the reputation for manufacturing products that will meet or exceed your expectations now and into the future.

You’ll receive a macerating box with your unit that installs behind your toilet. It creates a trouble-free experience that will have you enjoying your new bathroom for years to come.

Just remember to avoid any cleaners with hydrochloric acid in them because it will eat away at the rubber parts.

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