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Review: The American Standard Champion 4 Elongated One Piece

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Do you want a toilet that will be able to give you a reliable flushing experience time and time again? Are you looking for a model that can take care of the most significant masses with the ease of just one flush?

You’ll get precisely what you need thanks to the designs of the American Standard Champion 4 Elongated Toilet.

This one-piece toilet installs easily and features a 4-inch piston-action accelerator flush valve which will give you a stronger flush than most toilets on the market today.


Features of the American Standard Champion 4 Elongated Toilet

The best feature of this version of the Champion 4 is the inclusion of the EverClean surface. Not only does this prevent stains from building up on the inside of the bowl that requires an acid cleaner to get out, but you’ll prohibit the growth of bacteria and mold that are very common to find underneath a toilet seat. With every flush, you’ll be effectively cleaning your toilet bowl, and that means less work for you in the long run!

You may also find these additional features of the Champion 4 to be beneficial.

  • There’s a limited 10-year warranty on this unit against defects and poor craftsmanship so you have some assurance in the investment that you’d make.
  • The toilet is designed to be able to remove a mass that is 70% larger than what any other model can provide.
  • The trapway on this particular toilet is glazed and has 2 3/8 inches of space, the most massive trap that you’ll find on a residential fixture today.

There’s an extra level of assurance when you purchase an American Standard toilet because all of their units are factory tested to make sure that they work. You’ll have a lot fewer problems when you install this toilet on a long-term perspective, and if you have a short-term issued, it’s generally covered by the warranty. That means you end up getting a lot more value for the initial investment that you end up making.


Advantages of the American Standard Champion 4 Elongated

The one real advantage that this toilet provides is a quieter flushing experience. The whole house isn’t going to hear the toilet flush, which is a real advantage when you’ve got young ones with a room by the bathroom. The bowl height is 15 inches, and the 12-inch rough-in works for most installation points.

With 1.6 gallons used per flush, you’ll also be able to save water, and that’s always a good thing – even if it isn’t required by law!

Outside of needing to purchase a seat for this all-in-one toilet, you’ll also want to consider the interior components of it. Although they are excellent and durable, it does tend to float on the seals just a bit if you have a fast flash. That causes a leak to occur until the next time you flush the toilet and over time, if not corrected, makes it permanently run until repaired.

Otherwise, you’ll find that it is difficult to discover a more robust flushing experience or comfortable product at this price point. For that reason, the American Standard Champion 4 Elongated Toilet receives one of our highest recommendations today.

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