Cleaning a Toilet the Right Way

One of the best features available with the modern toilet is the self-cleaning glaze. This design makes it easier to keep the bowl clean because it works like a non-stick feature. The water from a flush can push the waste through the drain, creating a cleaner experience.

There are times when even the strongest glazes require a little cleaning and care to maintain their effectiveness. Instead of dumping in some cleaners and scrubbing, try following these steps to prolong the life of your toilet.


Steps to Follow When Cleaning Your Toilet

1. Remove everything from around the toilet before you begin to work. This job is always messy, even when you do your best to avoid the problem. You also could splash toilet water, chemicals, or cleaners out of the bowl that could ruin items in your bathroom. Take items off the top of the tank as well.

2. Flush your toilet before you begin to clean it. If there is waste in the bowl when you start this chore, then you’ll want to flush twice before getting to work.

3. Add your favorite cleaning solution to the inside of the bowl. There are gels, liquids, and powders that are all going to disinfect the surface without causing harm to your septic system or wastewater treatment facilities. You can choose a natural cleaner, like industrial vinegar, for this part of the job as well. Place the cleaner as close to the toilet rim as possible.

4. Now you will want to clean the exterior of the toilet. Start at the top to prevent dripping dirt and grime on surfaces you’ve already treated. Spray the tank, handle, and edges, and then wipe down each surface. Then clean the outside lid for your fixture before moving to the seat. Then wipe down the exterior of the bowl.

5. Once you have finished the exterior of the toilet, you’ll be ready to wipe down the interior of the bowl. Start with the sides and front before you work your way to the bottom. Using a toilet scrub brush will help you remove germs that can lurk underneath the edge of the rim where water comes into the bowl. Don’t forget to scrub the drain hole, including along the inside, before flushing the cleaner.

6. Do one final check to ensure that you haven’t had any drips or spills during the cleaning process. Then you can put away your tools, replace the trash, and replace any items that you had to move before you started this process. Your toilet is now clean!

Helpful Cleaning Tips to Consider

  • It helps to wear eye protection when you are cleaning a toilet. You’ll stop toilet water from splashing into your eyes. The chemicals you are using could harm them too.
  • When you flush the toilet, place the seat and the lid down. This action will prevent splashing and splattering that could complicate your chore.
  • Wear gloves in case your hands come into contact with waste or chemicals.

Don’t use sponges when you clean a toilet either. They will spread bacteria around the bathroom. Paper towels are a better choice because you can dispose of them when you are done. If you use rags, make sure that they get washed on their own in the laundry on a hot cycle.

For more info and recommendations on the best cleaning products to use, check our article here.

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