Wax On: The Most Effective Seal for Toilets

One of the hardest-working products in your home is an item that you rarely see. The wax seal for your toilet helps to keep the sewer gases from coming into your bathroom while ensuring that all of the stuff that you flush will go down the drain. Your toilet will simply not function correctly if you don’t have the correct seal for it.

As long as the seal that you choose works with the toilet and drain that you have at home, then you can use a product from virtually any brand.

Whenever you lift a toilet off of its bolts, then you will need to replace the wax seal to restore functionality. Here are the options that are available today for you to consider, including some that give you a wax-free alternative.

1. Standard Wax Ring
This product is your basic toilet seal. It works well if your flange is about ¼-inch above the floor. Most are made to fit either 3-inch or 4-inch drains. It’s somewhat old-school to use this option today, but it still gets the job done. You may need to replace it every 7-10 years to maintain the performance of your unit.

2. Wax Ring with Sleeve
Choose this option if you need to alter the height of the toilet for some reason. It is a messier installation process than the other options here, but you can choose very thick ones, multi-size varieties, or ones that are similar to the standard ring if you prefer. If your flange is ¼-inch below floor level, then use an extension to raise its height before installing this option for your toilet.

3. Wax Ring with Felt
If you choose this option, then there is an excellent chance that you have a toilet mounted on your wall instead of the floor. The felt (or other material) keeps the ring from sliding after installation, ensuring that you always have a good seal. This product works well for urinals too.

4. Waxless Gaskets
If you’re tired of using a wax ring with your toilet, then use this option to create the results you want. They feature a rubber seal that fits onto the bottom of the toilet. Then you have a deeper seal flange that creates a leak-proof rink without splashing or rotting the floor flange with how it sits in the drain pipe. Most are intended for use with 3-inch or 4-inch drains, but there are some custom sizes available with this option too.

5. Waxless Foam Gaskets
If you want to avoid using rubber with your toilet gasket, then this option will help you to achieve similar results with foam. It is also one of the few products today that can be stacked, giving you an option to seal a toilet that is up to 3/8-inch above floor level. Even if the toilet rocks, you’ll still have a good seal with this product.

Toilets need a good wax seal to maintain their performance – or a viable alternative. Choose the option that works best for your needs to ensure that you can always have a working fixture at home.

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