Common Problems with Toilets and How to Easily Fix Them

We pay utmost attention to our dream home, which is built with a lot of hard work. But we tend to give less importance to the most essential part of our home. The Toilets! Toilets are something that you use every day, and timely mending them can prevent huge disasters. This can save a bulk of expenses that occur because of not mending issues when they are small. Toilet related issues could be due to one of the following reasons.

  • Poor quality sanitary ware
  • Poor quality plumbing
  • Lack of regular cleaning and maintenance

Sometimes things are beyond your control, and some repairs just happen for no apparent reason. While there could be several issues that might occur in a toilet here are some of the most common ones and their corresponding quick-fix ideas.

1.     Leaky flush system

This is where you open the toilet seat lid to find water trickling down non-stop. Flush the tank once to check if the issue is due to overflow from the tank. If the trickling doesn’t stop, it could be due to the malfunctioned flapper. This is an inexpensive repair to perform.

2.     Clogged drain

Often you can identify clogs when the problem is still small. This is where you might hear mild gurgling sound while flushing. Use a plunger to take care of the issue before it becomes intense. There are drain cleaning solutions designed for use in the toilet bowl for more severe cases. These can easily disintegrate paper, hair, and other items clogging the drain.

3.     Water from unwanted spots

Leaky spots in the base of the toilet or even below the flush tank all deserve immediate attention. The leaks that occur at the bottom could be because of the sealing ring damage. Replacing the seal can solve the issue. Leaks below the flush tank could be due to cracks or leaks in the water inlet pipe. Proper plumbing tapes can be used to put an end to these leaks.

4.     Flushing happens on its own

Phantom flushes are real, and they are not as scary to repair as they actually sound when they happen. This is where the tank empties on its own, and therefore you hear the tank filling sound even when you had not used the toilet for hours. This again is due to faulty flappers where the replacement of the part is easy and affordable.

5.     Flushing doesn’t happen

This could be because the tank isn’t full. If the tank doesn’t fill automatically, there are two main things to check. One is the water inlet pipe. Check whether dust or debris is blocking the inlet and not allowing water into the tank or giving too little pressure. The other problem could be due to the flush tank float mechanism failure. In a normal flush tank, the float ensures that the water starts filling automatically when the tank is empty and stops at the set level. Replacing the float system is the solution to this issue.

Most of the toilet issues, when handled on time, can help prevent wastage of water. This can also prevent the damage to the structural integrity of the building or the toilet systems caused due to leakage. Therefore look for these small warning signs and get the repairs done on time.

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