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Review: The Danze Orrington One Piece Toilet

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Do you want a toilet that will give you an excellent flushing experience, despite being a high-efficiency model?

Are you looking for a toilet that will be comfortable to use, yet still give you a classic look in your bathroom?

The Danze Orrington has a lot of good things going for it so that it can help you meet these needs for a highly affordable price! It flushes with just 1.28 gallons, letting you conserve water with every flush, yet also provides an ADA compliant 16.5-inch seat height and an angle mounted tank lever that makes flushing easy.


What Are the Features of the Danze Orrington?

It’s the design of this Danze toilet that provides a household with the best variety of features. The elongated bowl gives your bathroom more of a modern design, but you’ll still get the timeless, traditional, and potentially complimentary look that you need. The built-in skirt hides the discharge passageway, and the entire toilet is easy to install in most applications. Although the seat is higher than some may prefer, it is adequate for most situations.

There are also these additional features to consider with this toilet as well.

  • The smooth sides of the Danze Orrington make it a toilet that is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.
  • Its one-piece design offers users a secure method of installation that works in a wide variety of different installation points.
  • With the three-inch flushing valve, you’ll receive one of the fastest and strongest flushes you can get on the market today at this price point and with this level of water usage.

If you’re in an area that demands water conservation, this is the perfect toilet for you. With just 0.3 gallons more than what many high-efficiency urinals will provide as an experience, you’ll be able to get a stain-free experience, save water, and not have to worry about making multiple flushes on even some of the toughest masses that your toilet can see.


Is There an Advantage to Owning This Danze Toilet?

The primary advantage of owning the Danze Orrington is the smoothness that you’ll receive with every flush. The bowl on this toilet has a fully glazed trapway so that movement through the fixture is as effortless as it can be.

It also resists residue and stain buildup deep within the toilet that can often result in bad odors emanating from this bathroom fixture.

It’s challenging to find anything that could be improved with this toilet. The Danze Orrington gives your bathroom a timeless look, an elegant design, and the water efficiency that you may need. It’s easy to clean and maintain and even comes in two different finishes.

For all of those reasons, we have no hesitation in recommending this particular model as an addition to your home.

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