6 Best Travel Tips for Using a Foreign Toilet

Going to the bathroom is something that all of us do. Everybody poops, right?

How we use the toilet varies in different cultures. It can be a lot of fun to travel the world, but it can be challenging to navigate a foreign device when what you’ve eaten decides to run right through you.

Instead of inventing the next viral potty dance, consider following these travel tips that will help you to navigate the use of a foreign toilet.

1. Squat Toilets
If you travel throughout the world, the most common toilet you will encounter is the squat style. That means aiming over the device in a way that won’t make a mess. It can help to straddle the toilet to ensure you’re in the correct position. Try to look for toilet paper before you go to prevent an uncomfortable conversation later.

2. The Bidet Issue
If you’re not used to having some water squirted on your crack after going to the bathroom, then a toilet with one included might seem a little strange. There is a small nozzle that is built into the bowl behind you. Lean forward as you flush for a refreshing experience! Then look for a dryer, paper, or other item that can help you stop an uncomfortable stain from forming on your clothing from the wetness.

3. Pay Toilets
There are some locations around the world where you must send a payment to use the toilet. Finland takes this issue to the next level because you must send a text message to the National Road Service so they can open it remotely for you. The advantage of pay toilets is that they are typically clean. Most are on timers too, so don’t loiter in there. Disinfectant sprays are not pleasant on the skin.

4. Luxury Toilets
If you want to take a dookie in luxury, then Japan is the place where you want to be. Their toilets are usually the most luxurious – and the most complicated to operate. Look for the instructions on the wall, then follow them to the letter to ensure you receive the best possible experience. If you can’t find any instructions, well… good luck to you then!

5. Open-Air Toilets
There are some public toilets in Europe that are parked right on the sidewalk for you. It’s a chance to enjoy a cool breeze, the smell of tulips, and the chance to enjoy some social time with a friend. Most of them are free, you’ll receive some privacy, and there might even be some hand sanitizer available for you after you’re finished.

6. Remote Toilets
If you find a toilet in the middle of nowhere, then you’ve found a bathroom that was built for speed and utility. Should you find some running water there, then consider it a fortunate find. They are made from a variety of materials, ranging from bamboo to the stilt toilets you can find in Panama. Stay clean, get your business done, and then get out of there.

Going to the toilet can be an interesting experience when you’re out of your comfort zone. Don’t forget to use the correct hand when greeting people or eating afterward!

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