4 Funniest (Not Harmful) Toilet Pranks

My uncle thought he would explore a funny toilet prank one day by lighting a long-fuse M-80 firecracker that he sent into the toilet. Then my grandfather felt the rumblings in his stomach from Grandma’s not-so-famous homemade lasagna, so he went to spend some quality time with the newspaper and his favorite cushioned seat.

That’s when the explosion occurred.

Thankfully, everyone was okay. The toilet blew out from the side with the ceramic pieces demolishing the window. The total repair bill was $1,500 – which is something that Grandpa still reminds my uncle of to this day.

If you’re thinking about some funnier toilet pranks than that one, then here are some ideas you can pull off at home.

#1. The Broken Toilet Prank
Take some uncooked pasta and place it underneath the toilet seat. The food item needs to be large enough to make a sound, but it must also be small enough to remain unnoticed. Macaroni elbows are an excellent choice.

Then place the item where the seat rests as you close the lid. When someone sits down on the seat in a rush, the sound makes them think that they broke something!

#2. The Echo Prank
Take some cornstarch, baby powder, or a similar substance and place it on the toilet seat. When someone sits down on it, then a white mark will be left on their posterior. Depending on the style of pants they wear, a nice streak could be seen through the clothing. It will also leave a nice ring on the clothes (that washes right out) if they sit down on the toilet because they’re using their phone secretly.

#3. The Plastic Wrap
This classic toilet prank makes a mess, but it is all in good fun. Wrap the bottom of the bowl with plastic wrap so that the entire open area is covered. Then close the seat on top of it. Shrink wrap works the best because it will stick to the ceramic without being as noticeable. If you want to avoid the mess, then write something funny on the surface like, “I hope you didn’t really need to pee!”

#4. The Yellow Dish Soap
Squirt some yellow dish soap in the water that’s sitting in the toilet bowl. When it settles, the water turns a pale shade of the color from the dye, which makes it look like someone used it without flushing. When they flush it for a fresh bowl because they need to use the bathroom, the water agitation creates an intense load of bubbles that will come out of the fixture.

It’ll create a mess, but the laugh will be worth the effort.

There are many other pranks out there that are funny as well, but it should be remembered that someone should not get seriously hurt from your joke. Do not place tacks on the toilet seat, throw firecrackers down the trap, or grease the seat so that someone might slide off.

We want it to be good fun, not a trip to the emergency room!

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(P.S. We do not condone the use of any pranks at all, nor can we be held responsible for actions taken. This post is for informational purposes only.)

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