How to Unclog a Toilet With Poop in It 

In all honesty, having a poop-filled toilet that’s clogged and won’t budge is really one of the most unpleasant situations a homeowner can find themselves in. Without your toilet’s full functionality, your comfort and your home’s operation will suffer greatly.

Moreover, if your toilet’s clogged with poop, you need to fix that as soon as possible! Otherwise, it can cause the flush system to malfunction and even damage the pipes from the sewage lines underneath the toilet.

To avoid any damage to your toilet and to impress the household members with your plumbing prowess, you should take immediate action to unclog the toilet yourself. The choice to call a toilet specialist or a plumber is always on the table, but that can set you back a couple of hundred bucks for a task that can be solved in a few hours.

Be warned as the task ahead of you is really disgusting, smelly, and will surely make a mess of your toilet. Before you start, you’ll need some basic gear and a plan before you dive fist first into the poop monstrosity blocking your toilet.

How to Get Ready

First things first. Before you start the unclogging operation, you need some essential gear and kit in order not to make a mess out of your bathroom. The items you will need are a pair of heavy-duty rubber gloves, work goggles to protect your eyes from splashing, and a bunch of old clothes, towels, and newspapers to line the bathroom floor. In terms of a clogging kit, you need some large trash bags, a toilet brush, and a plunger.

Using the plunger initially might not be a good idea as it needs a good seal in order for it to work properly. Scattered pieces of poop in the toilet might prevent the seal and would cause massive splashes on yourself and in the rest of the bathroom. Save the plunger for later.

Bonus tip, it is a good idea to open all windows in the bathroom as the smell of poop might cause you to retch or vomit. Keeping an air fresher nearby is great too.

Try a Toilet Brush

When the toilet clogs and is full of poop, the first line of defense is the regular toilet brush that we use to clean poop stains from the ceramic finish. The method is quite simple as you use the toilet brush to push the poop down the drain in hopes that it clears the clog.

As always, we recommend that you use gloves and safety goggles to prevent any splash damage. It’s also a good idea to shut off the water valve in order to avoid an overflow of water into a poop-filled toilet.

To start off, lay some old newspapers around your toilet and grab your trusted brush. Firmly grasp the brush and start pushing the floating poops down the toilet drain. Don’t use too much force as you might encounter some resistance, and before you know it, you’ll have poop smeared all over yourself. Keep pushing until most of the contents of the toilet are well into the drain hole. Once you’ve battled enough, try hitting the flusher and pray that it doesn’t find its way up.

This method works best when the toilet drains aren’t clogged and the poop is free to pass. If there is something obstructing the clog, then this method might not work. Trying a second flush after another round of poop-boxing may help, but if it doesn’t, try a different method from below. You can also try to use a wire hanger to budge some of the poo down the drain.

Use Your Hands

If the brush method didn’t work, your best bet is manually removing the poop from the clogged toilet before going at it with a plunger. Otherwise, the poop leftovers may prevent the plunger from creating a vacuum seal and cause massive splash damage.

Make sure that you have a plastic bag near the toilet and old newspapers and towels around the bathroom tiles. Put on your rubber gloves and eye protection to get started. Due warning, this will be smelly, so it’s best that you crack a window and spray as much air freshener as possible.

Simply scoop out any pieces of poop from the clogged toilet, as you would with fish in a barrel, and drop them into the plastic bag. Keep fishing until you’ve cleared most of the solid contents. Once you’ve removed most of the poop, try to empty some of the water into a bucket to avoid splashing.

If the poop is stuck into the toilet hole, try plunging it out gently with a plunger. Simply put the plunger over the hole and slowly add pressure in order to create a seal. Give it a few sturdy pumps and then break the vacuum seal and see what happens. This might cause a splash, but the stuck poop will most likely be on the plunger. After that, you can hit the flusher to see how things float.

Assess the Situation

If you’ve removed the poop but the toilet is still clogged and doesn’t flush, then you need to apply some of our unclogging methods in order to finish the job. You can use wire hangers, plungers, toilet snakes, or methods like vinegar and baking soda, and chemicals.

Most methods for unclogging a toilet work best when the toilet doesn’t have poop in it since the poop will only make the process more difficult and honestly disgusting.

Removing poop from the toilet before starting an unclogging operation diminishes the likelihood of getting splashed with feces. Fishing poop from the toilet may sound nasty but trust us, using a vacuum plunger on a toilet full of poop will lead to even nastier results.

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