How to Start Potty Training on the Big Toilet

If your little ones are ready to take the big step of getting out of the diapers for good, then knowing how to start potty training will make this process a lot easier.

You could opt for one of those smaller training toilets, but it might be easier to purchase a small stepping stool for the little ones to use the big toilet instead.

Every child is a little different, so waiting until they are ready is the best first step to take. Most kiddos are ready between the ages of 18-24 months, although some are a little sooner and others a little later. There’s no rush to this process.

Once you know that they’re ready to go, these are the steps to take for a successful potty-training experience.

1. Show Off the Equipment
Place all of the equipment you’ll be using to help them learn how to go potty in the bathroom. Show them what each item does, and then let them practice using it without any pressure to use the potty. Even sitting on it with the clothes on can create a positive first experience. If you have a curious kiddo, consider taking the contents of a dirty diaper and putting it into the bowl to show them what happens.

2. Begin to Schedule Your Potty Breaks
You will want to start blocking out your daily schedule into two-hour increments. Have your kiddo try to go potty for a few minutes during each time block – whether they say they need to go or not. You can even give your child a toy to play with or a book to read while they are sitting on the training seat to encourage a positive experience. Then offer lots of praise for them trying each time whether the experience is successful or not.

3. Watch for the Signs
When you can see that your toddler is ready to go to the bathroom, then put on your fast shoes and hurry them over to the toilet. This process will help your child begin to recognize the signals in their body that say it is time to use the bathroom. Make sure that you praise your child if they tell you that they need to use the potty, even if you didn’t get to the toilet on time. It can be helpful to use loose, easy-fitting clothes at this stage.

4. Talk About Hygiene
Make sure that your little ones know how to clean themselves correctly after using the toilet. This time is a good spot to start discussing what germs are and how they work. Don’t make it a scary conversation. Encourage the behavior through love instead of fear.

After you go through a couple of weeks with this routine, it will be time to ditch the diapers for good. That doesn’t mean your little one will make it to the potty every time. There will be some accidents that happen. If you continue to persist with encouraging words and help, you will get through this process without much of a headache.

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