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Review: American Standard Cadet Right Height Pressure Assisted Toilet

If your home location or the placement of your bathroom with its plumbing require some additional pressure for a solid flush, then your options may be somewhat limited in the market today. There are a handful of models available from several manufacturers, but they can all be priced at levels that may fall outside of your budget. The American Standard Cadet right height pressure-assisted toilet is an excellent combination of value and function that will help to serve your needs remarkably well.

This toilet works with a standard 12-inch rough-in, designed at a comfortable height of 16.5 inches from the rim to the floor to provide a secure sitting experience for most adults. The design of the structure works well with the pressure-assisted siphon jet action that works to flush away waste particles consistently, even when there is a full bowl of toilet paper involved with the process.


Why Choose this American Standard Toilet?

This toilet comes with the pressure-flushing plumbing that you need to have the best possible experience. The closed inner tank of this model that holds the water reduces the amount of condensation that appears on the outside of the unit as well. If you live in a high-moisture environment, then this combination of benefits produces a consistent flush without trying to contribute to mold or mildew development in your space.

You will also receive the traditional EverClean surface when you choose the American Standard Cadet right height pressure-assisted toilet. This design makes it easier for the fixture to flush waste through its trapway, especially with the added action from the pressure.

It comes with the speed-connect system for installation as well, which makes it very easy to get this toilet up and running in your home. It offers reliability and performance in ways that your budget is going to like.

It does flush at 1.6 GPM, so this model may not be suitable for all homes based on local regulations. There is a limited one-year warranty that protects it as well.


User Experience with the American Standard Cadet Pressure-Assisted Toilet

Our only concern with this particular model from American Standard is that it can sometimes miss items that are stuck near the rim of the bowl interior. Toilet paper is usually the worst culprit for this. If it gets a little wet, then it plasters itself to the surface and holds on for dear life. The easiest way to counter this issue is with a pre-mist, which is a feature you can find on several of the best toilet seats that are available today.

The rest of our experience with the American Standard Cadet right height pressure-assisted toilet was straightforward. It flushes waste as it should, processes water from your supply without issue, and then resets to ensure the next user has a consistent experience. If you are ready to move away from gravity toilets for any reason, then we would strongly recommend giving this model a closer look.

It has the goods to deliver a fantastic experience.

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