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Review: Kohler Memoirs Comfort Height Two-Piece Toilet

If you want to provide a classic style to your bathroom project, then there are relatively few options that are available today when selecting a toilet. Most manufacturers are emphasizing modern lines and minimalism to their designs as a way to maximize the amount of space that is available in your home. With the KOHLER Memoirs comfort height two-piece toilet, you’ll still receive a fixture that feels modern, but it also comes with a traditional aesthetic which will be the perfect addition to your style.

What makes this model such an intriguing option for the home is that its design works to mimic a sitting experience that is comparable to a standard chair. It will feel like a natural experience as you begin to sit without the feeling that you are forcing your body into an unnatural position.


Advantages of Choosing the Kohler Memoirs

The Kohler Memoirs comfort height two-piece toilet offers a Class 5® performance when it comes to flushing. It can manage a tremendous supply of bulk waste without causing a clog in the process. At the same time, this model features the best-in-class for bowl cleanliness, reducing the amount of ongoing maintenance work you must perform while keeping your bathroom clean.

This model also comes with three pre-installed tank bolts that will help you to save on the time it takes to install this toilet in your bathroom. If you are replacing an older model, then you may wish to check on the current configuration you have as some smaller models may only have two bolts. A slight modification may be necessary in some homes.

It follows a standard rough-in of 12 inches (30.5 centimeters), flushes by having water flow into the bowl on all sides, and the seal material offers 90% less exposure than a 3-inch flapper to offer a leak-free experience. You will receive the bowl and tank in the box – a seat is necessary to complete the setup.


User Experience with the Kohler Memoirs

When using the Kohler Memoirs comfort height two-piece toilet, we noticed that there can be a scale issue that occurs inside the tank if you have hard water. The hardened debris can then sometimes chip off from where it forms, eventually getting stuck in the fill valve. That can cause the toilet to start running constantly. We would highly recommend avoiding in-tank cleaners as a way to maintain the fixture, especially if you also have water quality issues at home.

The water level of this toilet is also slightly higher than what some homeowners might be used to experiencing. Although this facilitates a cleaner bowl in the long run, it can also expose your body to the liquid – and that can be an uncomfortable experience.

Although there may be the occasional home where the Kohler Memoirs comfort height two-piece toilet is not the most suitable option to use, anyone who wants a wonderful combination of performance and aesthetics will enjoy using this model. Measure your space to see if it will fit, and then enjoy every flush you take!

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