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Review: The Kohler Memoirs Two Piece Toilet

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Do you want a toilet that will give your bathroom a regal, traditional look?

Are you on a budget and want to make sure that you’re getting one of the best toilets that are available today?

With the Kohler Memoirs, you’re going to experience the best of both worlds! This toilet has crisp, traditional lines that help to bring a level of timeless elegance into the design of a bathroom. It installs easily, even with the two-piece design, and is one of the most affordable toilets available right now.


What Are the Features of the Kohler Memoirs?

The primary feature of this particular toilet is Kohler’s inclusion of AquaPiston flushing technology. This feature is a patented system that allows gravity to do a lot of the work for flushing so that water reduction occurs without sacrificing cleanliness. There is a lot less maintenance required for toilets that have this technology because the water rushes into the system and creates a powerful, circular motion that removes a lot of stuck on waste with just two pounds of pressure.

There are also these additional features to consider with this toilet as well.

  • It has a round front bowl so that additional space savings can be achieved during the installation of this toilet.
  • The trapway is glazed and offers 2 1/8 inches of space, one of the most massive traps in the industry today.
  • Kohler has incorporated their Class Five technology into this toilet so that it has less of a chance of plugging up or springing a leak on you.

The government standard for toilet water consumption today is 1.6 gallons per flush, but this toilet exceeds that with just 1.28 gallons used. This change means that the average household can save up to 20% of the water they’d typically use for flushing every day, and that is savings that can quickly add up!


Why Choose to Own the Kohler Memoirs?

Many advantages come with this specific toilet, but it all boils down to form and functionality with the Kohler Memoirs. If you’re tired of a builder’s grade fixture in your bathroom and you want something that’s going to provide you with useful, long-term results, then this is the toilet for you. It does sit away from the wall just a little bit, and the flushing action is a little louder than you’d expect for a modern toilet, but overall it works hard to get the job done, and that’s what ultimately matters.

If there were one thing we’d change about the design of this particular toilet, it would be with the bowl design. The round bowl seems to keep waste items a little stuck over time, even with the excellent flushing mechanism, and that ultimately means a bit of cleaning. The compact, sleek design overrides this potential negative to offer a superior user experience.

The Kohler Memoirs two-piece toilet is an excellent investment that will pay dividends in your bathroom with every flush. Give it a closer look today, and you will not be disappointed by what you see.

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