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Review: Kohler San Raphael Comfort Toilet

Do you want a low-profile toilet that will give you a lot of options?

Are you looking for a toilet that will give you a strong enough flush that it is useful as your first toilet, yet be compact enough in design that it can work for a half bathroom?

This one-piece toilet from Kohler could be the best toilet to meet your needs! It offers up to 7 different finishes for you to select so that it can complement any interior design, yet it offers a class French curve toilet seat that will give you a comfortable seating experience. Just 30 inches long and less than 20 inches wide, it can be installed virtually anywhere!


What Are the Features of the Kohler San Raphael?

How could the Kohler San Raphael be the best toilet for your home? The best feature of this toilet’s design is the twin touch flush actuator. It offers the industry’s best flushing mechanism that is available on the market today, but it does require a GFCI outlet for it to work correctly.

You’ll use 1.6 gallons per flush when properly installed, and if you’re looking for LEED points for certifying your business, this toilet will qualify for water efficiency points.

You may also wish to consider these additional features when viewing the San Raphael.

  • You can choose lower volumes of water for a flush if you have just liquid waste, letting you dispose of even more water.
  • It is WaterSense certified to verify that it can save you water and eventually money with its use.
  • The elongated design of the bowl with the one-piece design it provides makes installing the toilet simple and easy while giving any bathroom a modern look that it may need.

Although the price point on this toilet puts it into a premium range, the reality is that you’ll get an equal amount of value with its installation, whether it’s for the home or business. The ability to add another half bathroom in a confined space or the chance to earn LEED certification makes the value of owning this toilet a long-term proposition, and that’s something that just can’t be beaten!


Is There an Advantage to Owning This Toilet?

The real advantage that comes with the Kohler San Raphael is the comfort height design that it provides. It’s a little higher than average when it comes to the height that many are used to having, but it is designed to be at the standard chair height that most people have. This setup creates a level of consistency and comfort with this Kohler toilet that is complemented by the quick release functionality that it has to give you a healthy and complete flush.

If you’re not used to the height of a taller toilet or the low water functionality that modern toilets can have, then the advantages seen here could also become disadvantages as well. It’s all in perspective, and for most users, form meets function very well with the Kohler San Raphael. That’s why it could be the best toilet in your home starting today!

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