Review: The Kohler Santa Rosa Compact One-Piece Toilet

Review: The Kohler Santa Rosa Compact One-Piece Toilet Matt Jenkins

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Are you looking for a compact toilet that will give you one of the easiest installations you’ve ever had? Do you want a toilet that is incredibly easy to maintain, yet still gives you a lot of options? Thanks to the Kohler Santa Rosa, this compact one-piece design will give you everything that you want in a toilet! It offers a 1.6 gallon per flush performance that has good water movement, giving you a cleaner bowl with every flush. Everything is seamless, really easy to clean, and it works on the standard rough-in. Best of all, you can save over $100 by shopping on Amazon today!

What Are the Features of the Kohler Santa Rosa Compact?

The primary feature of this particular toilet is in its design. It’s more than just a compact one-piece toilet that will work efficiently for your home. It’s of a commercial grade in design that will give you a lot of extra durability for those households that need it. The seat height is comparable with other models and it comes with a Brevia toilet seat that is comfortable enough you’ll be able to sit with ease and enjoy your moments in the only room where time stands still.

There are these additional features with the Kohler Santa Rosa to consider as well:

  • it offers an elongated bowl so that you have some extra water coverage, making the entire fixture a more sanitary experience;
  • it offers a standard rough-in of 12 inches so that installation with this one piece unit is rather clean and simple; and
  • the trip lever is made of polished chrome, giving the handle just a bit of extra durability.

In some aspects, the design of the Kohler Santa Rosa is standard in most ways. It offers a 2 inch trapway that is glazed, but smaller than some other toilets at this price point. What it does do, however, is give your bathroom the compact toilet it may need so that you have more room to move about in tight spaces.

Is There an Advantage To Owning the Kohler Santa Rosa?

The primary advantage that comes with this particular toilet is the Ingenium flushing system that has been incorporated into it. This system uses and industry standard 2 inch flush valve that specifically regulates the amount of water flowing through the toilet’s system. Instead of dumping all of the water in at once, the flow of water is regulated to create a specific swirling action that helps to clean the interior of the bowl with every flush.

The one design issue we have with this toilet is in the placement of the trip lever. It’s on the left hand side and pointed toward the back instead of toward the front. Although it has plenty of clearance for the installation, your hands don’t always have the same amount of clearance. That means fingers graze walls and that can mean smudged paint, torn spackle, or a rubbing injury.

For the most part, however, the Kohler Santa Rosa has the goods to deliver a quality job each and every time. If you’re looking for a work horse of a toilet, this is definitely one of the models you should consider adding to your bathroom.

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