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Review: Kohler Tresham Comfort Height Two-Piece Toilet

If you like the idea of installing an elegant two-piece toilet in your bathroom, then you may discover that most manufacturers only offer a handful of options that meet your needs. Most models today are designed for efficiency and size instead of aesthetics. The Kohler Tresham comfort height two-piece toilet is a definite exception to the rule. It offers an elongated bowl, a unique tank design, and chair-height seating that makes this an intensely comfortable experience.


Using the Kohler Tresham

What stands out about this toilet beyond the formal look it provides is the unique flushing lever that is installed for left-handed use. You won’t need to worry about accidental activations thanks to the downward design of this model.

It is also available in 10 different colors, making it easier than ever to match your current bathroom decorating scheme.

We appreciate how the Kohler Tresham comfort height two-piece toilet qualifies as a high-efficiency toilet with its 1.28 GPF rating without compromising on the quality of the flushing experience you receive. This model is designed with a 3.25-inch canister flush valve which delivers a tremendous force of water into the bowl to remove waste, clean surfaces, and do so without splashing over the time.

Even the installation process is designed to be easier than what you will experience with most other manufacturers thanks to its pre-installed tank bolts. If you are replacing an existing toilet with this model, you can easily have the job finished in a couple of hours. Don’t forget about replacing the wax ring (or comparable waxless item) as part of the job!


Key Facts About the Kohler Tresham

Like most other Kohler products that are manufactured today, you will receive a limited 1-year warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Make sure that you completely inspect the toilet before installing it because the manufacturer wants to inspect the unit for all warranty claims – and they will not pay for removal costs.

You will only receive the tank and the bowl when you purchase this toilet as well. The seat is your responsibility to purchase separately. The comfort height rating that Kohler offers this toilet is based on the floor-to-bowl measurement. If you have a thicker toilet seat that you install on this model, then it may not match the descriptions offered. This sizing makes the water height adequate for most users without compromising on the cleanliness of the bowl either.

Because the bowl and tank often ship in separate units, you will want to inspect each product immediately upon receiving them. Even if your project doesn’t require the toilet immediately, there are occasional reports of mismatching products being sent to consumers by the independent shipment fulfillers for the brand. A prompt inspection allows you to take advantage of the potential return policies which exist.

We feel that the Kohler Tresham comfort height two-piece toilet looks fantastic, works exceptionally well, and will be an excellent addition to any bathroom. You will enjoy seeing how this fixture completes your look every time you find yourself needing to go.

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