Review: The Luxe Bidet Fresh Water Spray Attachment

Review: The Luxe Bidet Fresh Water Spray Attachment Matt Jenkins

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Are you looking for an economical way to add a bidet to your bathroom? Do you want something that will help you stay a lot cleaner every time you’ve got to go? Once you reach a certain age, it becomes a bit of an embarrassment to have those brown stains appear in your undergarments. With the Luxe Bidet attachment that fits right into your toilet, you’ll no longer have to worry about that problem and you can stop buying those expensive wipes too! It installs in just minutes and best of all, you can pick one up on Amazon right now for less than $40.

Why Choose to Install This Portable Bidet?

Although toilet paper has long been the standard for hygienic cleanliness, the simple fact is that cleanliness isn’t always achieved. It’s easy to miss waste debris and that causes a clothing problem – and a potential odor problem – later on in the day. With the Luxe Bidet, you have a small investment that you can install in just minutes and it works with any standard two piece toilet bowl. It fits under the lid, gives you a quick spray, and you’ve got a hygienic solution that won’t cause you irritation or pain.

There are some good features to consider with this portable bidet as well:

  • the single nozzle design hooks up through your toilet seat connectors and gives you a quick handle release to let you control when you get sprayed;
  • all of the hoses, accessories, and connectors required for this device to work are 100% tested for individual defects and problems; and
  • you can do the entire installation of this device with a single standard screwdriver on most toilets.

Will this portable bidet replace a traditional bidet? Not really. What it will do, however, is give the average home owner the chance to have a better hygienic experience in their bathroom for a fraction of the price of the installation of a brand new traditional bidet. That’s why it is such a good investment!

Why Purchase the Luxe Bidet Today?

If you live by the mantra that you should work hard to save a few trees every day, this is the product that will help you make that become a reality. You’ll dramatically reduce the amount of paper that you feed through your septic system or sewer and you’ll be cleaner with a simple 15 minute installation. It has a T-connector that feeds off of your primary water line at the toilet and seals well, though some plumber’s tape might be required.

The one issue that some users will have is that the bidet control attachment sticks out quite a bit from the side of the toilet. If you’re compressed on space, this isn’t going to work very well for you because you’ll need about 4 inches of clearance off the side of your toilet seat for it to install. If you do have the space, however, you’ll find that this is an incredible idea that will change the way you view your bathroom. Install it today and find out for yourself!

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