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Review: Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

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Are you looking for a toilet built with hardware that is designed to be completely stainless?

Do you want a product that replicates the look and feel of a traditional toilet, but still gives you the chance to live off the grid?

The Nature’s Head self-contained composting toilet is one of the best, most affordable options on the market today. For a surprisingly competitive price, you can get a full-sized elongated seat that has been molded for personal comfort. It’s easy to clean and straightforward to maintain, providing a lot of conveniences.

What Are the Features of This Composting Toilet?

The primary feature that we enjoyed with this particular toilet is that it offers a very easy to use cranking handle to help stir the compost. Instead of having to rely on a 12v battery or a solar power source, you can crank when needed and prevent many of the terrible odors that can be produced when compost isn’t adequately shifted.

There are also these additional features to consider with this composting toilet as well:

  • It has a separate urine tank that filters out the liquid waste so that the composting hold has a surprisingly large capacity.
  • The unit is easy to disassemble and then reassemble for those times when it does need emptying.
  • This composting toilet comes with a vent hose and a fan in case they are required for your specific setup.

There’s no getting around how durable this composting toilet happens to be. It will stand up to the tests of time, resist stains, and is flexible enough to be used virtually anywhere. From the boat to the cabin out in the woods, you won’t be dealing with the terrible odors that other systems with holding tanks sometimes offer.

Why Choose This Particular Composting Toilet?

Unlike other composting toilets, you can also utilize toilet paper in with the composting mix without a hassle if needed.

Although you’ll want to throw most of your paper away for a true composting experience, some rapidly-dissolving TP isn’t going to hurt the toilet in any way. It has enough capacity to work with a household of three year-round and can support up to 6 people over a brief amount of time.

Sometimes the installation of this toilet can be just a little tricky, especially if you’re struggling to get air flowing over the waste. This issue can create an odor problem when there isn’t enough air, and it can be overwhelming when done improperly.

When installed correctly, however, there is virtually no odor to worry about, and in return, you’ll end up with an extremely reliable composting toilet that will work hard to meet your unique household needs.

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