Review: The Saniflo SaniCompact 48

Review: The Saniflo SaniCompact 48 Matt Jenkins

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Are you looking for a low profile toilet that will give your bathroom a modern style, yet still has easy connectivity? Do you want a toilet that can work well for a residence that has a half bathroom requirement? With the Saniflo SaniCompact 48, you’re getting a toilet that can connect with a sink during the installation process. It uses just 1 gallon of water every time it is flushed and it includes the toilet seat, with chrome hinges, with purchases. The tankless design creates extra space and best of all, you can grab this toilet on Amazon right now for less than $800!

What Are the Features of the Saniflo SaniCompact 48?

The primary features that you’ll notice right away with this specific toilet is that it is designed to get into some really tight places. It can go where other traditional toilets can’t dream of going and can be installed virtually anywhere, including in an attic or even under a stairway if you have a limited closet space there. It’s powered by a macerating pump cycle instead of the traditional tank and runs when you press the switch at the top of the bowl.

There’s also these additional features to consider with this Saniflo toilet:

  • this toilet is also designed to be able to accommodate the discharged water from a sink through its basin;
  • it can be rotated a full 360 degrees to accommodate virtually any installation arrangement; and
  • the entire mechanism of this toilet is completely electric, giving you 9 feet of vertical pumping and 100 feet of horizontal pumping power.

This toilet can act as your primary toilet if you need it to do so, but it is a better option for that spare toilet that you need to throw into an empty, unused space to add to the overall value of your home. It weighs just 62 pounds and can be connected to a ground fault interrupter circuit, so the flexibility you have with it is best in class. Just remember to vent this toilet or connected fixtures as required by your local codes.

Is There an Advantage To Owning This Specific Toilet?

The primary advantage of the Saniflo SaniCompact is that it is incredibly easy to install. It goes in with a minimal amount of effort in just a few minutes, can be plumbed up by almost anyone with the included instructions, and gives you the advantage of having a new half bathroom in virtually any room of the house.

Will this toilet work well on a fourth floor apartment? Probably not, with the 9 feet of vertical pumping power. It will, however, give you a rather portable toilet option that can work in any traditional housing setting. You will need to run a a calcification eliminator through the toilet about twice per year in order to properly maintain it, but that’s the main issue. You may find that single ply toilet paper works better in this toilet as well.

For the additional half bathroom needs, the Saniflo SaniCompact does an excellent job. If you need a compact toilet for your space, then this is definitely one of the best toilets that can meet your needs.

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