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Review: The Thetford Porta Potti

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Are you looking for an excellent portable toilet that you can take virtually anywhere with ease?

Do you want something that will provide you with more of a traditional user experience, yet provides a level of consistency upon which you can depend?

Holding 4 gallons of water and 5.5 gallons of wastewater, the Thetford Porta Potti offers you an excellent portable solution that is extremely user-friendly. There aren’t any complicated steps required to use this unique design. You flush and go! That is why it provides the potential of a sensational deal right now for your RV, camper, or other portable need.


What Are the Features of the Thetford Porta Potti?

The primary feature we loved about this particular portable toilet is that the design is completely integrated.

This design includes a place for you to store TP within the confines of the toilet so that you’ll always have a supply. It offers a traditional sitting experience, is surprisingly comfortable, and the release seals are nice and tight so that you won’t have any issues with leaks while you’re transporting this particular toilet.

There are also these additional features to consider with this toilet as well.

  • Its design includes an increased bowl size over other makes and models at this price point so that you won’t have to worry about a lot of splash-back when you’ve got to go.\\
  • It is a battery-powered toilet that will give you a powered flush whenever you need it, even if you’re doing some exploring out in the backcountry.
  • It is effortless to use, and the overall craftsmanship of this portable toilet is excellent.

There’s just one word of advice if you choose to use this particular portable toilet. The seals on it are so excellent that they even prevent air from escaping the unit.

When the toilet heats up, and the air expands, you’ll find a high enough level of pressure that it causes a beautiful spray of waste to shoot straight at your face!


Is There an Advantage to Owning This Particular Portable Toilet?

We love how this toilet sits at a regular height. Unlike other portable toilets, you won’t find a compromise in quality to achieve the added height either, which is a definite improvement.

It’s stable on a firm surface when the water tanks are filled, and it uses just a small amount of water, so you’ll get about 50 flushes from the toilet before you need to change it out. It’s sturdy, dependable, and can support large individuals with ease.

If there were one place where we’d like to see an improvement in this toilet’s design, it would be with the lid. It’s not the firmest lid in the world and is not something that you’ll want to use as a chair if you need a quiet moment somewhere, and this is your only seating option.

The bottom line is this: you can put the Thetford Porta Potti through a lot of tests, and it will still perform beyond your expectations. That is why it earns our recommendation.

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