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Review: TOTO Eco UltraMax Elongated One-Piece Toilet

One of the advantages that come with an upgrade to one of the best modern toilets is that you can receive a much-improved level of water use with each flush. Many of the eco-friendly models that are on the market today can save up to 50% of the water that toilets in the 1980s and 1990s were using. If you have a model that is even older, then the TOTO Eco Ultramax Elongated one-piece toilet could reduce your bathroom water consumption by up to 80%.

There is a lot to love about this eco-friendly toilet that flushes at just 1.28 GPF when you trigger its mechanism.

  • This older model features the SanaGloss glazing inside the bowl which helps to keep your unit clean every time that you flush.
  • It offers a wider 3-inch flush valve that will help to move water up to 125% faster than models which still use the conventional 2-inch design.
  • The trapway for this unit is fully glazed as well, which means there are fewer places for waste particles to get caught between the bowl and the sewer or your septic system.

With a floor-to-bowl height of 16.5 inches, length of 28 inches, and a tank height of 28 inches, this toilet requires a minimal amount of space, but it creates a significantly positive outcome once it is correctly installed.


How Is the User Experience of the TOTO Eco UltraMax?

The TOTO Eco UltraMax elongated one-piece toilet does weight a little more than its two-piece counterparts, but that is really the only negative aspect of ownership that we could detect with this model. It is about as close to a plug-and-play product that you can find in this industry today.

There are some definite concerns that we can see some people having with this product. The flushing mechanism works well, despite the lower water consumption levels, thanks to the combination of glazing and fluid movement. It doesn’t splash outside of the bowl despite the rapid speeds, allowing you to have a clean bowl to use almost every time.

You will likely need new mounting bolts if you’re replacing an older toilet. They do not come in the box, so a new installation will require a separate purchase.

If you rush the flushing mechanism as the water movement engages, there are times when the chain inside of the tank can get “caught” with the flapper to prevent a refill. It’s a simple fix, but certainly something to think about since this is a long-term investment.

The actual installation is pretty simple. If you know how to use basic tools at home, then you can will likely be able to tap into your DIY skills to get the job done.

Our recommendation is straightforward here: if you want or need a new toilet at home, then the TOTO Eco UltraMax elongated one-piece toilet provides an excellent experience. You will get to save water without sacrificing comfort, while at the same time you can upgrade the value of your bathroom. Give it a closer look today and we are sure that you will not be disappointed by what you see.

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