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Review: The TOTO Supreme One Piece Toilet

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Do you want a toilet that offers you a lot of options, yet still provides you with a supreme level of comfort?

Are you looking for a toilet that will give you a healthy and quiet flush consistently?

TOTO has long been a manufacturer of quality toilets, and their Supreme model is an accurate description of the results you’re going to get! You’ve got four finishes from which to select and can have a round or elongated bowl. You’ve also got a 3-inch flush valve to give you a 125% better flush than the industry standard.

What Are the Features of the TOTO Supreme?

The primary feature that we loved about this specific toilet is the power gravity flushing mechanism that is included with it. Although the flush valve is an inch larger than you’ll find on your standard entry-level toilet, the flushing is quieter on the Supreme because it combines the power of the flush with the force of gravity to push items through the trap. The trap is also fully glazed, letting you quickly resolve even the toughest of messes with ease.

There are also these additional features to consider with the TOTO Supreme:

  • It has a large water surface that provides better coverage within the bowl, proactively working to prevent stains, bacteria build-up, and other typical toilet issues.
  • The seat height on this toilet is 15 inches, making it tall enough for most adults and suitable enough for children as well.
  • Each flush will give you 1.6 gallons of water power every time you activate it.

Although this toilet isn’t going to blow you away with massive power, it will impress you with its incredible durability. You can have confidence that every flush is going to go down quite reliably, so you don’t have to waste your time standing there, watching the toilet flush time after time after time.

At this price point, not every toilet can make the same claims.


Is There an Advantage to Owning the TOTO Supreme?

Have you ever been deafened by the sound of a toilet seat slamming? Whether the kids are doing it on purpose, or you happen to have it slip out of your hands, the banging sound that the toilet seat makes can pop your eardrums!

TOTO has included silent seating technology that they call “SoftClose” with this Supreme toilet so that you can have a dramatic reduction in the noise that is heard. A quiet flush, a calm experience, and water efficiency: those are the trademarks of using this toilet.

It is difficult to find anything negative to say about this toilet. There are some instances where the internal components may not seal properly right away or may cause the fixture to run regularly until the rings expand, but for the most part, this is an extremely reliable bathroom appliance that adds a level of comfort that is unmatched at this price point. For those reasons, the TOTO Supreme receives our recommendation today.

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