Review: The TOTO Ultramax II Double Cyclone Toilet

Review: The TOTO Ultramax II Double Cyclone Toilet Matt Jenkins

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Are you looking for a toilet that has a high water efficiency, but a good flushing mechanism? Do you want a high seated toilet that will help you be able to sit comfortably? With the TOTO Ultramax II, you’re going to get a tall toilet that will do a lot of work on your behalf! With a seat height of 17.25 inches and a width of almost 17 inches, you’ll have a comfortable fit that won’t leave your hamstrings sore when you’re done. Best of all, you’ll be able to save almost 50% off the MSRP of the Ultramax II just by shopping on Amazon!

What Are the Features of the Ultramax II?

The primary feature that we loved about this particular toilet was the double cyclone flushing technology. When combined with the elongated bowl, you’ll get a lot of rushing water action that will quickly clean out even the toughest flushing jobs! When you combine the SanaGloss technology that’s incorporated into the Ultramax II as well, you’ll quickly see how an ion barrier and double cyclone flushing will quickly become your best friends in the bathroom!

There’s also these additional features to consider with this toilet:

  • the trip lever of the Ultramax II is chrome plated so that it has a higher level of strength for repetitive use without cracking;
  • the toilet seat is made of a high grade plastic that is impact resistant so it can stand up to a lot of use, but deaden the noise of a dropped toilet seat so it doesn’t echol through the house; and
  • the installation of this all-in-one unit is so incredibly easy that most people with some basic plumbing knowledge will be able to get it done.

If you’ve ever used a TOTO toilet before, then you know how well-built they happen to be. Leaks are virtually non-existent, especially when the unit has been installed properly, and the comfort levels are up in the stratosphere. With the Ultramax II, you’re getting a toilet that will give you a reliable, dependable experience.

Are There Any Advantages With the Ultramax II?

The primary benefit we could see of owning the Ultramax II was its level of sound deadening technology that has been incorporated. Going beyond the prevention of the toilet slam, this toilet also reduces the noise of the flush and the corresponding fill. You just push the lever and the toilet will flush, allowing you to leave in confidence. No more stained bowls, returns, or any of that other typical unpleasantness thanks to the commercial level of flushing this toilet provides.

It’s difficult to find anything really negative to say about this toilet. It isn’t going to perform like a high gallon model because of today’s modern water efficiency requirements, but it will do a good job in producing a quality flushing experience. Some homes with low water pressure already may find some difficulty with this toilet if a regulator hasn’t been installed, but other than that, there are really no anticipated problems. Because of that, the TOTO Ultramax receives one of our highest recommendations!

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