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Review: The TOTO Washlet With Integrated Toilet

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Do you like the idea of having a bidet with your toilet all in one setting? Do you want a toilet that will conserve a lot of water for you? With the TOTO washlet and integrated toilet, you’re going to get the best of all worlds for a reasonably affordable price. It offers a dual max flushing system that can give you a flush at just 0.9 gallons per flush based on your settings. Warm water washing temperatures and adjustable pressure controls help to control the quality of your experience and at most, you’ll just just 1.28 gallons per flush. For this, you’ll save up to 40% off the cost of this toilet when you make a purchase on Amazon!

What Are the Features of This TOTO Toilet?

The primary feature that you’ll enjoy with this toilet is the remote control operation that is included with it. You’ll find that the touch pad on the remote can be illuminated so you don’t have to blind yourself with the bathroom lights in the middle of the night. It also has the ability to remember the preferences of two users and can be reprogrammed should the need arise. In return, you’re receiving a toilet that has an elongated bowl and low profile design that an be a primary toilet or a secondary toilet for your half bathroom.

There’s also these additional features to consider with this TOTO toilet:

  • it offers users an automatic air deodorizer that works with the warm air dryer to make sure odors don’t become bothersome if your bathroom is in a confined space;
  • the entire experience with this toilet is fully automated, from the flushing when you’re done to the lid closing after you get up; and
  • it works with a 12 inch rough-in and you’ll receive all of the mounting and connection hardware that is needed for the installation.

This WaterSense certified toilet might be a little more expensive than your standard toilet with a tank, but it can give homes that have excellent water pressure a quieter, better overall bathroom experience. With no tank to fill, there’s very little noise that comes from this toilet, even during the flush. That in itself is a wonderful feature to have!

Is There an Advantage That Comes With Owning This Toilet?

The primary advantage that comes when you own this TOTO toilet is two-fold: you get to have a toilet and a bidet essentially wrapped up into one fixture so you can reduce the amount of waste you create, as well as the SanaGloss glaze that is used with the toilet to prevent waste from sticking. This means you will have a toilet that is incredibly easy to clean and maintain and it will look great for years to come!

The one issue that you may find with this unit is its overall height. For those who are a bit smaller than average, or petite you might say, the comfort level of this toilet might not be as high. The seat is ADA compliant, which means a minimum of 16.5 inches, and that’s pretty tall for some shorter folks. Otherwise this toilet provides a wonderful experience, provides a lot of value for the investment being made, and it will soon become a treasured component of your home if you choose this as an upgrade.

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