What Is the Highest Toilet Available to Buy?

At the end of the day, we all park our breakfasts at the porcelain throne. But our time on the toilet is not only determined by what we eat, the way the toilet flushes, or whether there’s enough toilet paper or not. Well, on second thought, that should be of paramount concern.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re in the market for a new toilet, such as bowl shape or flushing technology. However, one of the things we take for granted about our toilets is their height. And little do we know that tall toilets can definitely change the game.

How Tall Is a Tall Toilet?

If you’re still wondering what difference the height of a toilet makes, the short answer is a lot.

The long and more detailed answer is that it varies because there is more than one type of toilet. Essentially, toilets are split into two main categories as far as their height is concerned: standard toilets and comfort height toilets.

The tallest American standard toilet is around 14-15 inches, depending on the height of the seat and the rim. The comfort height or the right toilet as it’s sometimes referred to is between 16-19 inches.

You might also come across the term high rise toilet, which is yet another way to refer to comfort height toilets. The term itself refers to the fact that these toilets are high, aptly named after high-rise buildings.

The Advantages of Tall Toilets

If you’re looking to invest in a new toilet, one of the qualifications you MUST check for is its height. One of the many advantages of tall toilets is the fact that their trapways have more room to create a forceful flush.

In a standard toilet, the water goes straight into the drain. In taller toilets, the bowl is bigger, and thus, there is a steeper pipe to accelerate the water’s flow. Since the water is faster, the flush is more powerful.

The higher the seat, the lower the steaks! As the tall toilet is significantly elevated, it’s also easier to sit down and get up. Not only is this more comfortable, but it’s particularly beneficial for both tall and/or old people and people with osteoarthritic problems.

The Disadvantages of Tall Toilets

Oh, heavy lies the head who sits on a very high porcelain throne! (We’re pretty sure that is how the saying went).

One of the reasons why toilets have always been close to the ground is to imitate a squatting position. You can read all about it in our article on ancient toilet practices.

With that in mind, opting for a taller toilet eliminates the mimicking of the squat and may end up cutting your circulation because your feet don’t touch the ground – which is not as scary as it sounds. This tingling feeling in our legs happens all the time. Just shake it off and move on!

How to Decide?

In order to make sure that your toilet is the right height for your specific needs, you may ask yourself who will be using this toilet the most? Who will have access to this toilet? Is it going to be used by a family with toddlers? An elder couple? Or a very tall person? The answer will help you reach a decision!

The 5 Highest Toilets You Can Buy

Everything is better with a list. So here is a list of some of the highest toilets you can buy and how to find them.

Bradenton Elongated Two-Piece

Bradenton is the tallest toilet of the bunch, with a whopping 21 inches! The bowl style of this toilet is a classic, and it’s designed to be compatible with most bathroom designs. It also has a full chrome flush handle, which is a very chic touch.

Kohler Highline Tall Two-Piece

The Kohler Highline is everything you want it to be. Tall? Oh yes, 17 inches! Sleek? Yes. Comes in different colors? Say yes again. Easy to install? You bet! This two-piece design is not only comfortable, but it also saves water with each flush using 1.0 gpf, whereas the standard would use 3.5 gpf.

Convenient Height Co’s 20 Inch Extra Tall Toilet

This Amazon brand offers not only a good money deal but a quality product at the same time. The Convenient Height Co is what everyone in the tall toilet community is talking about. With its stain-resistant ceramic and dual flush option, it’s a toilet you need to keep an eye out for.

TOTO Eco Ultramax Elongated One Piece 18 Inches Toilet

TOTO has changed the bathroom game with its eco-friendly and sustainable policies. Their products vow to harmonize cleanliness and comfort with environmental responsibility, and that’s exactly what TOTO Eco Ultramax is all about.

Moreover, the brand claims that TOTO Eco Ultramax is specifically designed to eliminate the loud toilet seat slam we hate!

HOROW T0338W Elongated One Piece 17.5 Inches

With its sleek design, the HOROW elongated toilet will make you feel and look like Rodin’s The Thinker. The design is ADA approved and will give your bathroom a contemporary look.

Different Toilets for Different Bodies

The preferred height of the toilet you’re going to install in your home should be adapted to your unique body. For instance, bodies with disabilities have specific priorities and needs they need to address when choosing a toilet.

Choosing Handicap Toilets

The American Disabilities Act (ADA) underlines the fact that people with disabilities should use comfort height toilets, 17 to 19 inches in height, with room to move around or at least move on one side. For instance, the ADA Guidelines require public toilets to have 18 inches between the sidewall and the toilet and the clear area to be 56 by 56 inches to allow wheelchairs to maneuver.


Do a few inches really make a difference?

You are looking at the numbers, and you feel like 2-3 inches won’t make that much of a difference. But as a matter of fact, it is the very 2-3 inches that make the difference. When you sit on the toilet, you will immediately realize whether that toilet is taller or smaller than a standard one. Even an inch elevates your bathroom experience. (Pun intended)

What is the tallest toilet you can buy?

As mentioned earlier, the tallest toilet you can find is 21 inches high, and it’s called the Signature Hardware’s Bradenton. It’s porcelain and elongated, which gives its beholder the image of a regular toilet but only until they sit on it.

What is the tallest handicap toilet available?

The tallest handicap toilet that takes into consideration the particular set of needs is the Signature Hardware Stalnaker toilet, which is 19 inches. When installing the toilet, Signature Hardware suggests leaving 56 to 56 inches of room for wheelchair mobility, as per ADA requirements. Its elongated body makes it easy to be mounted/dismounted.

So, Now What?

Even though it may be costly, the toilet is an investment that ensures your comfort during something you experience multiple times a day. Our guide here is proof enough that even the smallest of differences in height can change your bathroom experience for the better. Investing in a taller and newer toilet might be a game-changer!

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