Our Favorite Toilets Found in Video Games

If you ever watch TV shows, movies, or play video games, then there is a recurring theme that you can find: no one ever seems to go to the bathroom.

Sure – the occasional character will give some lip service about the fact that they need to go use the toilet sometimes. There are funny bits when someone has their underwear draped around their ankles. Action movies love to put gun fights in bathrooms for some reason.

Then there are the video game toilets that are out there. For whatever reason, they are some of the most disgusting places in the real or virtual world that we can visit right now.

Here are some of the best of the worst that you can find.

1. Duke Nukem 3D
There are a couple of elements that are disgusting in the initial play-through scenes for this video game. First, you have the fact that you’re looking through stalls and find an alien sitting on the toilet. Then there is the trophy that PlayStation gives you for pulling a large stool out of a bowl. Why?

2. Silent Hill 3
You can always find a disgusting toilet when you’re playing horror games. They’re either the place where zombies live, hide secrets that you need to find, or a place to take grossness to another level. In this game, you’ll find heaps of blood covering the toilets, as if the bad guys knew that was where all of the innocent people would try to hide.

3. Outlast
There is a lot of blackness and goo to consider when looking at the toilet from this game. Although it wasn’t one of the most popular options to be playing during its time, the cult following the game eventually generated was certainly not because of the attractiveness of its toilet.

4. Day of the Tentacle
This fun old-school video game took the idea of going to the bathroom to an entirely different level. One moment you are using the toilet like any other character, and then the next forces you to start traveling through time and space. Talk about taking a rollercoaster ride!

5. Bioshock Infinite
You cannot forget about this wonderful toilet option when playing Booker. You get to find a potato that is floating in the toilet. Guess what? If you eat it, then your character gains some health. At least this is one of the few video games that gives you a roll of toilet paper to use – at least as part of the background images anyway.

6. Perfect Dark
And now, if you really want to go old-school, then the pentagon-shaped toilet in this game was one of the first to feature a chance to earn some health replenishment by eating from a toilet. In this instance, your munchies of choice happen to be cheese.

You will find talking toilets, broken ones, and some that are there for art. More than 100 different video games have included them in gameplay at some point. What are some of your favorites?

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